Sample Letter To Neighbor About Repairing Fence [Free]

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Not sure how to express your dissatisfaction with a neighbor’s fence? Learn how to write a letter to your neighbor requesting that the fence be repaired. As a template for your letter, use our sample letter to the neighbor about fixing the fence.

Sample Complaint Letter To Neighbor About Tree

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RE: Fence Complaint

Dear [Neighbor’s Name],

In my opinion, we’ve always had a good, neighborly relationship. As a result, I’d like to suggest that you repair your fence before it completely collapses on my property.

We don’t have a homeowners’ association or any other recognized entity, so I can’t “hold anything over your head”. You haven’t broken any city ordinances, either. I’m just begging you to be a good neighbor and fix your fence before someone gets hurt.

I appreciate your consideration in this matter, and am looking forward to coming to a satisfactory compromise for both of us. I can be reached at [Phone Number] or [Email Address], but I hope to meet you in person soon.


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