[Sample] Letter to Principal from Parent to Request Teacher

Learn how to write a letter to principal from parent to request teacher. Use our sample teacher request letter as a template for your request letter.

Sample Letter To Principal From Parent To Request Teacher

[Andrea Johnson]
[456 Mystic View Turn]
[Jacksonville, FL, 32003]

[July 10, 2020]

[Principal Jenkins]
[ABC School]
[39 Green Tree Street]
[Jacksonville, FL, 32003]

Dear [Principal Jenkins]:

I am the mother of [Celeste Johnson], who will attend [ABC School] in the [second grade] for the next academic year. 

The experience she has in elementary school will most likely have a profound effect on her future academic life, and for this reason, I would like to request a specific teacher. I have understood that this school will consider teacher requests from parents.

Celeste has been happy and interested in school during his first two years, and I would like her to continue this experience.

Her teachers have recognized her ability to learn better when her attention is engaged rather than by being asked to memorize material. Because of this, she is looking forward to the next school year.

I have discussed this issue with Celeste current teacher, [Mrs. Brown], and she agrees that her academic future will be better served by a teacher who understands how to introduce subjects to capture his interest.

I would like to request that she be placed in [Mrs. Wooden’s class] or, if that is not possible then [Mr. Gray’s class].

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I would be happy to meet you or [Mrs. Brown] to discuss the matter further.

Please feel free to make suggestions or give advice about my concerns. I can be reached at [595-123-4567] or at [andrea@email.com].


[Signature] [Andrea Johnson]

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