Sample Letter to Support a Visa Application (Free)

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Learn how to write a letter to support a visa application. Use our sample letter to support a visa application as a template for your letter of support.

Sample Letter To Support A Visa Application

Name of the Embassy where the letter is being sent
Address of the Embassy where the letter is being sent

(Senders Name) example: John Smith
(Senders Address) 123 1st Street
City, State 12345

Work Phone Number
Home Phone Number
Email Address

Subject: Request for a visa for family visit, tourism

Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is (example: John Smith). My position is (Title of Job) at (Name of Company), (Address of Company). My yearly income is (Income Amount).

I would like for my (friend, mother and father, sister), (Name of relative or friend), born (Date of Birth of friend or relative) who lives at (Friend or Relative’s Address including Country) to visit me in the United States for (length of time of visit) beginning (the month and year the visit will start).

The reason for (their, his, or her) visit is to spend time with family as well as visit places of interest in the United States.

While visiting (they, he, or she) will stay with (me, us) at (same address as above). I will provide (her, his, or their) living expenses including personal, housing, food, travel, and medical.

I am requesting that a visa be granted to allow (her, him, them) to visit the United States. I will ensure (she, he, they) leave the United States before the stay expires. If you have any questions, please contact me at one of the telephone numbers provided or my email.


Signed full name of letter writer
Printed full name of letter writer

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