Sample Loan Adjustment Request Letter for Auto Loan

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Learn how to write a loan adjustment letter for auto loan. Use our sample loan adjustment letter for auto loan as a template for your loan adjustment letter.

Sample Loan Adjustment Request Letter For Auto Loan

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RE: Request adjustment of my automobile loan

The aim of this letter is to reduce my automobile loan payments from AMOUNT to AMOUNT for the next six months.

When I got the loan, my income was AMOUNT, but because of an illness, I lost my part-time job, so my income is only AMOUNT today. I have enclosed my medical report that clearly shows I was hospitalized for four days.


I am fully recovered from my illness and plan to get another part-time job to supplement the income from my work-at-home job.


For the past two months, I have used my savings to maintain my car loan payments, but my savings account is almost empty.

I believe I can continue to make full payments in about six months starting on DATE if I can have some reduction in the amount I pay during that time.

I request to reduce my payment by $150 from $400 per month to $250 per month for six months starting on DATE and ending on DATE. As of DATE, I will continue to pay the full $400 per month.

Thank you for considering my request. I can be reached at Phone Number or at Email Address if you have any questions or require any more documentation.


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