Sample Recommendation Letter for Graduate School from Professor

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Learn how to write a recommendation letter for graduate school from professor. Use our sample recommendation letter from professor as a template for your recommendation letter.

Sample recommendation letter for graduate school from professor

George Valentine 
Dean of The Ohio State University
281 W Lane Ave
Columbus, OH 43210


Larry Little
Office of the Registrar
Wharton School
3733 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Mr. Little,

As the Dean of the Ohio State University, for the past four years, I have personally got to know Jeri Smith. To say that she has been a tremendous addition to this university would be an understatement.

Based on her tenacious work ethic and her desire to achieve, I would like to recommend her for the graduate program at your school.

I am confident in my recommendation to your program, as I am sure she is a student that will succeed in her studies.

Jeri is not only a dedicated student, but her GPA is among the higher here at the university. During class time, she has proven to be a real leader and a take-charge kind of person. 

She is able to help develop plans and successfully implement them. Other students often go to her for help, and she always seems eager to oblige.

We were also fortunate to have Jeri assist us at the admissions office. Her leadership qualities were successfully demonstrated by helping to counselor both new and prospective students.

 Students were always eager to hear her advice and she was never too busy to take time and explain things thoroughly.

Because of her drive to succeed and her willingness to be a key player at the university, I can recommend her for the graduate program without hesitation. You will find that the drive and abilities that she has will be an asset to your establishment.

Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions regarding this recommendation.


George Valentine
Dean of The Ohio State University

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