[Sample] Reconsideration Letter to a Judge

Learn how to write a reconsideration letter to a judge. Use our sample reconsideration letter to a judge as a template for your reconsideration letter.

Sample Reconsideration Letter To A Judge

Stephen Scott
2554 Middletown Road
Alameda, CA, 94502

July 28, 2022

Judge Ellington
District Court of Alameda
212 Law Street
Alameda, CA, 94502

Re: Your Name, Case Number

Dear Honorable Judge Ellington:

This letter is a formal request for you to reconsider my sentencing on May 01, 2021 for shoplifting. I was given three years prison time, and I fully understand the seriousness of my action.

However, I am requesting that you reconsider because the whole experience of being arrested, staying in jail and being sentenced to three years has had a profound impact on me and I deeply regret my selfish action of shoplifting.

I have never stolen anything in my life and only did so because of the peer pressure of my friends. 

However, they were smart and did not take anything, while I did. Now, I see that I sacrificed my moral standards to be accepted by so-called friends. I sincerely promise never to do it again.

I just completed my junior year in college at University of California, and have been at the top of my class in my chosen field of medicine. 

Three years in prison would completely derail my plans to become a doctor, which is another reason my eyes have been opened to the foolishness of my action.

I would welcome the chance to do community service or anything else that you deem appropriate rather than spend three years in prison. 

Thank you for taking the time to reconsider my sentencing on May 01, 2020 and to consider an alternative sentence.


Stephen Scott

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