[Sample] Request Letter to Increase Credit Limit

Learn how to write a request letter to increase credit limit. Use our sample request letter to increase credit limit as a template for your request letter.

Sample Request Letter To Increase Credit Limit

[Kathy Smith]
[29 Fox Holler Rd.]
[Jackson, Ohio 45640]


[ABC Credit Cards Inc.]
[90 Wilshire Way]
[Beverly Hills, CA 90210]

Re: [Visa 4456-0987-1234-0987]

Dear [Credit Department]:

I have been a long standing credit customer of [ABC Credit Cards]. When I first opened my account back in [YEAR], I had a small [$500] limit. 

Overtime I have not asked for any increases and have never even come near to reaching my credit limit.

Recently, we purchased a home that needs major renovation. Because of the extreme costs of these ventures, I am asking for a credit line increase on my account.

Currently, there is a balance of [$231] on my account. I would love to have an increase to around [$2,000]. 

This money will be used to help put in a new furnace system in my home. The interest on my credit card is cheaper than the interest the store has for financing.

Because I have had such good luck in the past, I am looking to continue my business with your credit card company in the future. 

You can always count on me to take care of my bills, and to make sure to stay below my credit limit.

Can you please review my account and grant this request? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [614-288-0989]. I can be reached anytime.


[Kathy Smith]

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