Sample Salary Negotiation Letter After Job Offer

Learn how to write a salary negotiation letter after job offer. Use our sample salary negotiation letter after job offer as a template for your negotiation letter.

Sample 1 – Salary negotiation letter after job offer

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code

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Human Resources Manager
Name of Company
Address of Company
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Human Resources Manager:

I was very happy to receive your offer of employment as [Title of Position] for [Name of Company]. Your environmental practices are the best in the state, and it was enlightening and enjoyable to meet your team and see your facilities.

After taking the time to consider your offer, I am concerned about the salary you offered as it is lower than I had anticipated.

Since I have worked for the [Name of City] in waste management for the past five years and started several programs including handling plastic water bottles and food waste recycling.

I believe I can be an asset to your company. Environmental protection is my passion and even in my free time I help smaller recycling centers become more efficient.

I would very much like to work for your company because I see that your practices are the way forward in the area of environmental sustainability.

I would appreciate it if I could arrange an appointment with you to discuss the salary further. I will call you next week. I can be reached at [Phone Number] or at [Email Address].

Thank you again for offering me the job. I’m sure we can reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.


Printed Name

Sample 2 – Salary Negotiation Letter After Job Offer

Jane Myers

123 Anywhere Road
Center City, IL 61081

June 26, 2021

James Jones
Hiring Manager
Belford Hospital
123 Hospital Drive
Center City, IL 61081

Dear Mr. Jones

Thank you for graciously offering me the position for Medical Staff Administrator at Belford Hospital.

I am very pleased and honored to be given the chance to fulfill the position and flattered that you’re considering me as a top candidate. 

Before I join your elite team, I am hoping to negotiate a somewhat higher salary base. While your salary offer is generous, I am looking for an annual salary of $56,000. 

I truly believe this dollar amount is more reflective of my current skills and past experience, which includes a full 12 years in the medical management field. 

I hope we can set up a meeting in order to negotiate my salary at your earliest convenience. 

I am available all week and can be reached on my cell phone at (444) 444-4444 or by email at

Again, thank you so much for this great opportunity and I look forward to finalizing the negotiations in the near future. 


Jane Myers

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