Free Warning Letter for Attitude Problem (Sample)

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There may be some conflicting attitudes among coworkers in an organization. All of these negative attitudes harm the firm, hence it is necessary for the employer to issue a warning letter to the problematic employee. 

Writing a warning letter is one of the best practices in a HR department. Use our sample warning letter for a work-place attitude problem as a model for your own letter.

Sample Warning Letter For Attitude Problem


Name of Employee
Position in the Company

Name of Sender
Position in the Company

Subject: Attitude Problem at Work

Dear Name of Employee:

This is a formal warning letter that follows two oral warnings about your attitude at work.

You have been orally warned on DATE by Name of Person, your direct supervisor and on DATE by Name of Person from the Human Resources Department that your language in the workplace does not reflect a professional attitude towards the work and your colleagues.

As you have failed to stop using offensive language after two oral warnings, it appears that you do not take the warning seriously. This is the reason we are sending you a written warning.

Your project manager has requested this formal warning to inform you that if you don’t immediately change your attitude, you may be terminated as per the employment contract you signed on DATE when you joined the company.

We have high expectations of all the employees in this company to maintain a professional and cordial attitude at work. You have not followed this requirement and must do so immediately or reap the consequences.

You are an asset to the company as you produce excellent work, so we would not like to dismiss you. However, the atmosphere in the workplace is important for all employees, and you must immediately abide by this warning.

Enclosed please find a copy of this letter which you are requested to sign and return to Name of Sender.


Name of Sender
Position in the company

Received by: Signature of Employee

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