Scholarship Recommendation Letter [Sample]

Learn how to write a scholarship recommendation letter. Use our sample scholarship recommendation letter as a template for your recommendation letter.

Scholarship Recommendation Letter Sample

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RE: Recommendation of Name of Student for Name of Scholarship for English Literature Students

This letter is a formal recommendation of Name of Student for the Name of Scholarship for English Literature Students. I have taught English to Name of Student for the past three years, and she was an enthusiastic learner throughout.

I consider her to be one of my two best students in my 15 years of teaching English at Name of School. She has excelled in both grammar and literature, and I believe she will be and exemplary student in this field. 

I worked closely with her while she headed the Book Club discussions that covered the themes and characters of a wide variety of books.

Name of Student has not only worked hard at school, she has also been financially responsible for her education. She works part-time jobs to pay for tuition and textbooks. 

While excelling in language studies, she has also become captain of the Chess Club and has mentored her juniors in playing chess as well as speaking English. She also takes time each week to tutor students in English as a Second Language. 

I highly recommend Name of Student for your scholarship because I strongly believe she will make her college, teachers and the scholarship committee proud, if she is given this chance. 

I can be reached at Phone Number or as Email Address if you have any questions about Name of Student. Thank you for considering her candidacy. 


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