Sell Your Car with These Bill of Sale Samples

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A Bill of Sale is a legal document that is used to transfer the ownership of a vehicle from the seller to the buyer. 

It serves as proof of the transaction and is often required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to register the vehicle in the buyer’s name.

Learn how to write a simple bill of sale for car. Use our bill of sale for car samples as templates for your bill of sale letter.

Sample 1 – Bill Of Sale For Car



Make:_____________ Model:______________ Year:_____________
VIN:________________________ Odometer reading: _______________ Color: _________

I, the undersigned seller, ____________________(name), sell to the undersigned buyer, ________________(name) the above-identified vehicle for the total sum of $ _________ (______________dollars and no cents). 

The buyer and seller agree that this is the total amount owed and that no further payment is required or The buyer agrees to pay the seller $______ on the date that this form is signed, with the balance owed of $______ to be paid at no greater than 60 days after this form is signed.

The seller affirms that the information concerning this vehicle is accurate to the best of his or her knowledge and belief.

The buyer accepts that the vehicle is sold “as is,” with no warranties or guarantees concerning this vehicle. The buyer further accepts this document as a receipt for this transaction.

Seller’s Name: __________________
Seller’s Signature: ________________
Date: ______________
Seller’s Address: _______________________ Apt. No.: ______
City: __________________ State: ____ Zip: ______
Phone No.: ___________________

Buyer’s Name: __________________
Buyer’s Signature: ________________
Date: ______________
Buyer’s Address: _______________________ Apt. No.: ______
City: __________________ State: ____ Zip: ______
Phone No.: ___________________

Sample 2 – Bill Of Sale For Car


I, NAME AND ADDRESS OF SELLER, hereby certify that I am the lawful owner of the below mentioned vehicle, and I have the authority to sell it.


I have received AMOUNT, in the form of a personal check from BUYER’S NAME AND ADDRESS as full payment for the vehicle AS IS.

I hereby transfer full ownership of this vehicle to the buyer on DATE, and declare that it is free from any encumbrances, fees, taxes or liens.

The buyer accepts full liability for the vehicle including damages, and any other liability that occurs after the date of sale as stipulated above.

The seller made the vehicle available to the buyer on the above date of sale.

Seller’s Signature and DATE

Buyer’s Signature and DATE

Sample 3 – Bill Of Sale For Car


I, Jonas Smith, the seller, in the County of Franklin, in the State of Ohio, in consideration of (two thousand twenty four) dollars, $2,024, to be paid by Karen Coleman, the buyer, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby sell and deliver unto Karen Coleman, buyer the following:

A 2010 Chevy Monte Carlo Limited Edition whose V.I.N number is 2G4T890GPC1234TUA, mileage is 109,458 (one hundred and nine thousand, four hundred fifty eight). 

The car is in fair condition and has a salvage title after being in a flood. The car is red in color and has a dent on the driver’s right hand door. Car is in running condition at the time of sale.

I, Jonas Smith (Seller) hereby decree that I am the legal owner of the said vehicle and that it is owned free for all encumbrances.

I have a right to sell the aforesaid vehicle and I will defend the same against any claims made lawfully by any persons. In witness this eighth day of July 2019.


Jonas Smith
9809 Beaver Trail
Columbus, Ohio 43123


Karen Coleman
12567 St. Rt. 256
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What information is typically included in a car Bill of Sale?

  • The make, model, year, and VIN number of the vehicle
  • The names and addresses of the buyer and seller
  • The purchase price and date of the sale
  • Any warranties or guarantees made by the seller

2. Is a Bill of Sale legally required when selling a car?

It depends on the state or country you are in. In some places, a Bill of Sale is not legally required, but it is still a good idea to have one as it serves as proof of the sale. In other places, a Bill of Sale is required in order to transfer the title of the vehicle.

3. Can a Bill of Sale be used instead of a title when selling a car?

A Bill of Sale is not a substitute for a title, it is a document that proves the sale of the vehicle. The seller must have a clear title to the vehicle in order to transfer ownership to the buyer. A Bill of Sale should be accompanied by the vehicle’s title.

4. What should I do with the Bill of Sale after the car is sold?

Both the buyer and the seller should keep a copy of the Bill of Sale for their records. The buyer may need to present the Bill of Sale to the DMV when registering the vehicle in their name.

5. What are the penalties if a bill of sale is not provided at the time of the sale

if a bill of sale is not provided at the time of the sale, the penalties will vary depending on the jurisdiction. Generally, it will be a violation of the state laws and regulations and may result in fines and penalties.