Simple Retirement Letter [Sample]

Learn how to write a simple retirement letter. Use our simple retirement letter sample as a template for your impressive retirement letter.

Simple Retirement Letter Sample

[Name of Retiree]
[Address of Retiree]
[City, State, Zip Code]


[Name of Each Team Member]
[Name of Company]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Valued Teammates]:

It will not be news to you that I am retiring at the end of this month. My last day on the job is [DATE]. 

You have all heard me go on and on over the last five years about planning my retirement, and I fully expect to have a great time camping, fishing, hiking and just enjoying the great outdoors.

We have worked on many projects together to clean up the city, including plastic waste removal, residential recycling and starting sustainable agriculture in small gardens throughout the city. 

I think we make a great team, each with a strength that makes us more formidable as a team than as individuals. 

Abigail always kept us on target and within budget, without which we would not have been so successful. Sean made sure we never lost sight of innovation, always imagining the impossible and, very often, making it possible. 

Kathy is the backbone of the team always inspiring us to greater things through her hard work. It was an honor to work with each of you. 

I will miss the satisfaction of seeing how we can make a difference for this city and the world. I am fully confident that you will continue the good work and keep me informed of your great strides in the environmental industry. 

My cabin is only a two-hour drive away, and each of you is more than welcome to visit, bring your family, spend a night and enjoy a relaxing weekend in the mountains. 

I will have my [mobile phone], [Phone Number], and a computer, [Email Address], so you can reach me at any time to keep me up to date and tell me you are coming for a visit. Thank you all for making the last [NUMBER] years of my career a real pleasure.


[Signature of Retiree]
[Printed Name of Retiree]

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