Strategies to Help You Become an Outstanding Student

Since students are graded on their work, they tend to be classified as good, average or poor students. However, there are some tips that can help even below average students improve their status and become outstanding.

One of the first things for a student to do to start getting higher grades is to ask the teacher on the first day of class what is required to get an A or A+ in the class. The teacher will be happy that a student asked and most probably tell him or her about the work required to get top marks.
 This adds another benefit, because the teacher then knows that the student wants a high grade and may give extra help in the form of tips to make it happen. 


Students need to be motivated to be outstanding. Good grades don’t happen by chance. Well, sometimes they do, but not usually. There are several qualities motivated students will have, including:

Asking questions – students who want to be outstanding should never let a lesson go by without being sure he or she understands it. If there are any doubts, they should ask the teacher, and never be embarrassed or ashamed to look ignorant. 

That’s the only way to gain knowledge, and it’s better to look ignorant for a few minutes than to remain ignorant throughout the year.

Listening in class – there are many distractions for young people, and they often happen during school hours when friends are together. However, the teacher has taken the time to prepare a lesson, and the person who pays attention and listens will have a head start towards understanding. 

No matter how good the notes of a friend are, there’s nothing as good as hearing it from the teacher. 

Learning Memory Tricks – Sherlock Holmes’ memory palace is not fiction. It’s a valuable and effective way to remember a lot of information. Founded by ancient Greeks and used by ancient Romans, loci means palace, and anything that needs to be remembered can be located within that mental palace. 

The trick is for the person to choose a building that they know very well that has multiple rooms and hallways. The facts, dates or whatever can be mentally located in these rooms. The learner can find out more online about loci memory palaces. 


Good students are well organized. This is much more than having the right notebooks, pen, laptop and study hours. It is a good idea to keep a neat desk and backpack, but it is also recommended to keep a record of all assignments and any other obligations, so nothing gets lost when the daily routine gets disrupted, which does happen.

Assignments should be completed on time – along with the required work, doing more than required by the teacher is essential. Poor students do less than required, average students do what is required, but outstanding students go one step beyond the requirement and ask for additional work or other sources they can find for the subject. 

Routine – a routine at home that includes study time is essential. If there are distractions in class, there are a hundred times more at home. Family responsibilities, fights with siblings, TV shows, going out with friends are just a few of the things that will take a person away from focusing on their studies. 

This doesn’t mean there is no fun time for outstanding students, it just means they are strong enough to keep a regular time for studying and not let fun activities interfere. 

Goals – are important for students because they can work and achieve their goals. This gives a great sense of accomplishment and helps them see how close they are to their ultimate goal of being outstanding. 

Develop study habits – there are tricks for studying almost any subject and good study habits are essential. 

Some of the best study habits are:

• Thinking positively about studying
• Not comparing themselves to others and feeling bad
• Finding a quiet, well lighted place to study with few or no distractions
• Keeping the required things needed for the study time and not anything else
• Making an outline of information in the student’s own words
• Practicing memorizing facts with a friend or alone
• Taking regular breaks and having small but real rewards

It takes more than studying hard to become an outstanding student. Many people seem to study all the time but do poorly on exams. This is because they don’t use the above tips and tricks to make the best use of their time.

Students who are depressed, struggle and get discouraged because they can’t cope with the work won’t succeed. 

Teachers are there to help. If a student doesn’t like one teacher but likes another, it’s worth asking the teacher they like for help in all areas of their school work. This will help them get motivated and organized, so they have a chance at becoming outstanding.

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