Get Paid Quickly with These Demand Letter for Payment Samples

Learn how to write a demand letter for payment. Use our sample demand letters for payment as a template for your demand letter.

sample 1 – Strong Demand Letter For Payment

Dear [Debtor],

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I am writing to demand immediate payment of the outstanding balance of $[Amount] for the goods or services provided to you on [Date]. 

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This payment is now long overdue and I have made several attempts to contact you regarding this matter.

Under our agreement, payment was due on [Date] and late fees of $[Amount] will be added to the balance for each day that payment is not received. 

Please be advised that if payment is not received within [Number] days, I will be forced to take legal action to recover the debt.

I strongly urge you to fulfill your financial obligation and make the payment as soon as possible to avoid further complications. 

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss a payment plan or to resolve this matter.


[Your Name]

sample 2 – Strong Demand Letter For Payment

February 8, 2022

Jerry Brown
345 11th Street Apt. 45
Fairfield CA, 94554

Eric Stone
8009 Mountain Blvd.
Fairfield CA, 94554

Dear Mr. Stone,

This letter is in regards to a loan that I made to you in the amount of $8,000 on June 4, 2020 for the down payment of your new van. At that time, we agreed that this loan was to be paid in full by December 4, 2021.

As of today, February 8, 2022, you have not given me any payments towards this loan. It has been one year since the loan was to be repaid in full. I request that, on the receipt of this letter, you repay the amount in full.

If I do not receive payment in full before the end of this year, I reserve the right to take further legal action to recover the amount of the loan without further notice to you. 

This letter may be given in evidence in court of your failure to pay. If it becomes necessary to go to court, I will expect you to pay the applicable interest, filing and attorney’s fees, and any other related costs.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have if you call me at 555 1234.

Your immediate attention to this matter will be appreciated.


Jerry Brown
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