Writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter [with Sample]

For many individuals, investment into a timeshare can be a unique opportunity that can help to improve their vacationing experience as well as represent a smart financial investment. 

Timeshares are designed to help increase vacation satisfaction as individuals travel to a specific destination every year or invest in a club that allows them to travel to many different destinations.

Does Not Represent The Best Opportunity

While there are many individuals satisfied with their timeshare investment, there are other individuals who may decide timeshare investment does not represent the best opportunity. 

When this is the case, make sure to take advantage of the possibilities created with a timeshare cancellation letter.

Timeshare sales men and women are trained to entice individuals and convince them that purchasing a timeshare is in their best interest. 

It is easy for a person to be convinced that making this vacation investment can offer them many incredible benefits, even when they are not financially prepared.

For the individuals who later regret their investment into a timeshare, utilization of a cancellation letter represents the best opportunity for canceling the contract and receiving a refund.

First Step

The first step to completing a cancellation letter is to identify the rescission period. This represents a grace period where an individual has an opportunity to review a contract and decide if it is in their best interests.

Ignoring the rescission period will only create a situation where a person has no choice but to sell their timeshare rather than simply getting a refund.

When creating a letter it is vital to input information such as the owners name as it is written on the contract, the date purchased, as well as the contract number.

Provide A List Of Reasons?

A person can provide a list of reasons for canceling the timeshare contract. While this is not necessary, placing reasons can provide a timeshare company an opportunity to provide additional discounts or incentives if a person is reluctant in surrendering their timeshare.

Finally, make sure this letter is sent by registered or certified mail to have proof these individuals have received the cancellation letter within the rescission time period. The letter can also be sent through e-mail or fax to speed up the cancellation process.

Should You Use Certified Mail?

The timeshare cancellation letter should be sent by certified mail to have proof the individuals have received the cancellation letter within the rescission time period. The letter can also be sent through e-mail or fax to speed up the cancellation process.

However, it is still necessary to send the letter through certified mail to verify the letter was received within the rescission period and not “misplaced.”

Sample Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Tammy Bridges
324 South Beach Lane
San Francisco, CA  90008
(123) 444-0021

XYZ Timeshare Company
197 Timeshare Road
Berkeley, CA  90003
(324) 212-5890

February 17,2020

Attention Customer Service,

The purpose of this letter is regarding the required cancellation of my timeshare contract. My name is Tammy Bridges and I purchased a timeshare with XYZ Timeshare Company on 1/23/2020. 

Per the contract regarding this timeshare, I am contacting you within the rescission period in order to cancel this timeshare contract.

Timeshare: ABC Resorts
Owner: Tammy Bridges
Contract Number: 12345678
Date of Purchase: 01-23-2020

I’ve made the decision to cancel my contract for the following reasons:

1. Upon my initial investment into the timeshare I felt this was an opportunity I could afford. 

Now that I have taken the time to properly analyze my financial situation, I feel this is no longer a smart investment.

2. While there are many unique opportunities found at this location, there are many other expenses associated with owning a timeshare that I did not account for.

To clarify, I need to cancel my timeshare contract immediately. Please provide me with a written response showing you have received this letter within the rescission period.

Additionally, please provide me with the information I will require to receive my initial deposit.


Tammy Bridges

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