Surprising Health Benefits of Homemade Orange Juice

Squeezing your orange juice in your own home and drinking it immediately has a number of benefits over the pre-packaged juice from the store. 

While it is possible to buy “fresh squeezed” juice in the store, that is a bit of a misnomer as it has actually been in the package for at least several days.

Young woman making orange juice in kitchen, smiling

Heat, preservatives are added to the juice to give them a longer shelf life and sometimes the juice is pasteurized to expand the shelf life even longer. You can reduce the amount of preservatives and ensure that you are getting pure juice by squeezing your own oranges at home.

Squeezing your own juice at home provides a better opportunity to absorb all of the great nutrition that oranges have to offer. Not only do you know that your juice came directly from the fruit since you did it yourself, but you can also ensure that you are getting the freshest possible product without any additives.

Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C and one glass of juice will provide you will your entire day’s recommended dose of Vitamin C. 

Oranges are also high in antioxidants and dietary fiber-essential parts of your daily diet. Oranges contain folates, thiamine, and flavanoids that can help you lower and maintain cholesterol levels.

phyto-nutrients and flavonoids

Oranges also contains phyto-nutrients and flavonoids that have been shown to protect your body from degenerative diseases. Studies have also shown that having a full glass of juice each day can improve the way your immune system responds to various diseases and that it can increase your protection against heart disease and cancer.

With so many benefits to natural oranges and their juice, it’s easy to see that a glass of juice each day can increase your life span and make those extra years healthy and active.

Vitamin C is found in significant amount and just drinking a glass of orange juice a day is enough to absorb the Vitamin C and make our bodies healthier. Not only does the vitamin found in the juice help with the healing of wounds and increased immune system function, but it also helps with the body’s absorption of iron.

This is important for those that are anemic, or lacking in iron. Drinking a glass of freshly squeeze juice with an iron rich meal can help the body absorb the iron more effectively.

Several Studies

In several studies, the nutrients found in oranges have also been found to help the anti-cancer drug tamoxifen target and effectively reduce cancer cells in breast-cancer patients. 

While many of these claims are still undergoing further testing, oranges contain other important nutrients like potassium that are essential to the human body and make us more healthy.

Squeezing your own juice is easy and inexpensive. While there are a number of electric strainers on the market that will make juicing oranges easier and faster, it is by no means necessary.

A simple juicer is all you need, and you just press a half-cut orange down on the juicer and twist until all the juice is rendered from the peel. You can strain it to make it pulp free if you like, but otherwise it’s fine like it is.

Fresh squeezed juice provide so many more benefits than juice that has been pasteurized or has added preservatives that is available at the grocery store.

After finding out how fast and easy it is to make your own fresh-squeezed glass of juice, you will never go back to the store-bought alternative. Not only do you increase the health benefits of the juice by drinking it immediately, but it’s inexpensive and fun as well.

The health benefits of drinking freshly squeezed juice are numerous, not to mention there are no added preservatives to increase the shelf life. Whether you choose a manual or an electric juicer, start drinking fresh squeezed homemade orange juice today and taste the difference.

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