Teaching Assistant Retirement Letter Example

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Learn how to write a teaching assistant retirement letter. Use our sample teaching assistant retirement letter as a template for your impressive retirement letter.

Teaching Assistant Retirement Letter Example

Tammy Benson
145 15th Street 
Baltimore, MD, 21206

May 24, 2022

Lori Mason
ABC School
101 2nd Street
Baltimore, MD, 21206
Dear Ms. Mason:

I am writing to inform the school that I will be leaving my position. Unfortunately, my health is deteriorating and I feel it would be in my best interests to retire from my position as teaching assistant. 

I have enjoyed teaching at the school. It has been both a rewarding and memorable experience. 

I have always given students 100% of my knowledge and attention to help them to excel in their educations. In this career, I have also learned much about myself. 

I realized that I made a great choice when I became a teacher assistant and an even better choice when I accepted the position at this school. 

With great dismay, I must give my retirement letter and with much respect, I have appreciated the opportunity that was given to me. 

Hopefully, I will be replaced by someone with the same passion for knowledge and teaching that I had.


Tammy Benson

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