The Meaning of Pink Roses

A pink rose is the key to a woman’s heart, the answer to a passion’s question, and one of the most given and received gifts throughout time. What is it that makes these pink beauties such a universally held symbol of beauty, love, and youthful tranquility?

These delicate flowers go beyond the mere passions of romance, and are given to men and women of all ages. The meaning of pink roses has been obscured throughout time, yet their lure and appeal continue to inspire thought.

Delicate, complicated, with the hugh of a woman’s cheek, pink roses are the most sought after flowers of modern times. The illustrious flower is given to those sought after, for birthdays, for housewarming gifts, and often acquired for simple decorations.

The flowers symbolize a grace that has been long forgotten from popular culture. The rosy pink flowers evoke a Victorian era sensibility, drawing in all eyes to their appeal.

The flowers emit a delicate, artful scent that is immediately recognizable. The scent is that of a fresh pond in spring, often transporting the recipient to a dream of memories past.

This makes the case for the flower’s prime power: that of giving happiness to its guests. Happiness is the most sought after feeling, and this supple flower provides it in a simple, subtle manner.

The meaning behind these flowers is found in the romance they inspire. Given as a gift, these pink hearts are ideal for couples starting on the right foot. A first date, an anniversary, or a romantic dinner is not complete without a bouquet of pink flowers.

There are varying shades of pink found in roses, often varying from pinkish-white to a near red. Each flower evokes the same feelings of power and passion, yet the varying shades often allow for varying emotions.

A whiter rose will bring upon a sense of calm tranquility, evoking emotions of purity and childhood. A Purely pink rose will serve as nostalgia for a more beautiful era, while redder roses instill a fire in the hearts of those near.

A fully pink rose is the symbol of peace. Peace in the decisions made, and in the decision to move forward. Pink is the next step to red, where the passions are fully in bloom.

The pink rose, while fully bloomed, represents the trust it takes to advance. Whether it is with a loved one, a friend, or yourself, a pink rose will help to cement the choices you’ve made.

The home can become a true haven for thoughtfulness with the addition of pink roses. The quarters will begin to smell like the rose itself, offering to those who enter a quick glimpse into the life of beauty. The damp petals are meaningful in a home, for they emit life that is often passed-by in these busy times.

The meaning of pink roses is quite known to those who have received them. A bouquet will pass on feelings of mutual respect, admiration, and prosperity. These roses are childlike in their color, and are inspiring in their delicate design. The meaning is there, and it is nature’s gift to discover it for yourself.