Free Timeshare Cancellation Letter [Sample]

Learn how to write a timeshare cancellation letter. Use our sample timeshare cancellation letter as a template for your cancellation letter. 

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Sample

[Tammy Bridges]
[324 South Beach Lane]
[San Francisco, CA  90008]
[(123) 444-0021]

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[July 09, 2021]

[XYZ Timeshare Company]
[197 Timeshare Road]
[Berkeley, CA  90003]
[(324) 212-5890]

Attention: Customer Service

RE: Contract Number: [12345678]

The purpose of this letter is regarding the required cancellation of my timeshare contract. My name is [Tammy Bridges] and I purchased a timeshare with [XYZ Timeshare Company] on [1/23/2021].

Per the contract regarding this timeshare, I am contacting you within the rescission period in order to cancel this timeshare contract.

Timeshare: [ABC Resorts]
Owner: [Tammy Bridges]
Contract Number: [12345678]
Date of Purchase: [01-23-2021]

I’ve made the decision to cancel my contract for the following reasons:

1. Upon my initial investment into the timeshare I felt this was an opportunity I could afford. Now that I have taken the time to properly analyze my financial situation, I feel this is no longer a smart investment.

2. While there are many unique opportunities found at this location, there are many other expenses associated with owning a timeshare that I did not account for.

To clarify, I need to cancel my timeshare contract immediately. Please provide me with a written response showing you have received this letter within the rescission period. Additionally, please provide me with the information I will require to receive my initial deposit.


[Tammy Bridges]

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