Timeshare Cancellation Letter: How To Draft It Right!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand Your Contract: Know the details of your timeshare agreement, including the cancellation policy.
  • Act Promptly: Timing is critical; act within the rescission period if applicable.
  • Be Clear and Concise: State your intention to cancel in no uncertain terms.
  • Include Pertinent Details: Your letter should include personal identification, timeshare information, and any pertinent account numbers.
  • Send via Certified Mail: Ensure you have proof of the date your letter was sent and received.
  • Follow Up: Keep in touch with the timeshare company until you receive a confirmation of cancellation.

Timeshares offer individuals the opportunity to own a piece of a vacation property, which can seem like an attractive prospect. However, there are times when owners may need to cancel their timeshare agreement. 

Whether it’s due to financial constraints, lifestyle changes, or dissatisfaction with the timeshare arrangement, writing a cancellation letter is a crucial step in this process. This guide provides you with a step-by-step approach to writing an effective timeshare cancellation letter, complete with a template to help you get started.

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Step 1: Understand Your Contract

Before you begin writing your cancellation letter, it is essential to thoroughly understand your timeshare contract. Look for the cancellation or rescission period, which is the time frame during which you can legally cancel the contract without penalty.

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Step 2: Act Promptly

If you are within the rescission period, act quickly. Timeshare contracts typically have a very short window for cancellation, which varies by state or country. If you are outside this period, you can still proceed, but be aware that the process may be different.

Step 3: Gather Required Information

Your letter must include specific details to be effective:

  • Your name as it appears on the contract
  • Your address, phone number, and email
  • Timeshare description (unit number, week number, etc.)
  • Date of purchase
  • A clear statement that you are canceling the contract

Step 4: Write the Cancellation Letter

The letter should be formal and to the point. Here’s what to include:


Begin with your intention to cancel the timeshare contract, clearly stating the purpose of the letter.


Include all relevant details about your timeshare and reference the contract clause that permits cancellation.


State your expectations clearly; you want confirmation of the cancellation in writing.

Step 5: Send Your Letter via Certified Mail

Sending your cancellation letter by certified mail is crucial, as it provides legal proof that you sent the letter within the cancellation period and confirms receipt by the timeshare company.

Step 6: Follow Up

If you don’t receive a response within a specified time, follow up with the company. Keep all correspondence until the cancellation is confirmed.

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Template

[Your Full Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]
[Today’s Date]

[Timeshare Company’s Name]
[Company’s Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Subject: Cancellation of Timeshare Contract

Dear [Timeshare Company’s Name],

I am writing to formally request the cancellation of my timeshare contract with reference number [Your Contract Number], dated [Purchase Date]. Please consider this letter as my official notice of cancellation within the rescission period as per the contract and state law.

I request written confirmation of the contract’s cancellation and any pertinent information regarding the termination process. Please process this cancellation according to the terms and conditions of our agreement, within [number of days as per the contract] days of receiving this letter.


[Your Signature]
[Your Printed Name]

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Canceling a timeshare contract can feel like navigating through a maze. However, it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re looking to rescind your timeshare contract or just seeking a guide on drafting that perfect timeshare cancellation letter, we’ve got your back.

1. Understanding Timeshare Cancellation

First, let’s understand what timeshare cancellation is. It’s the process by which an owner of a timeshare gets out of their timeshare contract, usually through writing a timeshare rescission letter.

Quick Tip: Timeshare rescission is the legal way to say you’re canceling or revoking your contract.

2. Why Cancel Your Timeshare?

There could be various reasons:

  • Financial Strain: Many find the ongoing costs burdensome.
  • Changed Circumstances: Maybe you no longer vacation as often.
  • Displeasure with Timeshare Companies: Some owners feel they didn’t get what they were promised.

Real-life example: Jane, an avid traveler, once said, “I wanted to cancel my timeshare because the annual maintenance fees were skyrocketing, and the timeshare companies were less than helpful when I wanted to swap my weeks.”

3. Know Your Rescission Period

Before you dive into writing the timeshare cancellation letter, know your ‘rescission period’. It’s the timeframe after purchasing in which you can cancel your timeshare contract.

List of Common Rescission Periods by State:

StateRescission Period
Florida10 Days
California7 Days
New York7 Days
Texas5 Days

Remember: Always check local laws or your contract for accurate timelines.

4. The Crafting of Your Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Drafting your timeshare cancellation letter is a crucial step to get out of timeshare contracts.

Components of a Timeshare Contract Cancellation Letter Template:

  1. Header: Your name, address, phone number, and date.
  2. Addressee: The timeshare company’s name and address.
  3. Contract Information: Your contract number, purchase date, and property description.
  4. Cancellation Statement: A clear statement that you want to rescind or cancel your timeshare contract.
  5. Reasons for Cancellation (Optional): While not always necessary, providing a reason can sometimes expedite the process.
  6. Sign-off: Your signature and printed name.

Many people often search for a ‘timeshare cancellation letter pdf’ or a ‘sample timeshare cancellation letter template’ online to help guide their efforts.

5. Sending Your Timeshare Rescission Letter

Once crafted, send your timeshare cancellation letter as a certified letter. This way, you’ll have proof of postage and receipt. Save copies of everything!

6. Navigating Timeshare Cancellation Companies

While many owners opt to draft their own letters, others turn to timeshare cancellation companies for assistance. Be cautious; while many provide genuine help, others might not be as transparent about their fees or efficacy.

Tip: Before partnering with any company, research their reviews and track record.

7. Wrapping Up

There’s a clear path to get rid of your timeshare, and it begins with an effective timeshare cancellation letter. Equip yourself with the right knowledge, be prompt in your actions, and you’ll be on your way to timeshare freedom.

To Recap:

  • Draft your timeshare rescission letter.
  • Ensure you’re within the rescission period.
  • Consider getting professional help if unsure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

Answer: A timeshare cancellation letter is a written request to cancel a timeshare contract. This letter serves as a formal notice to the timeshare company that the owner wants to terminate their agreement.

Q2. Why would someone write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

Answer: People write a timeshare cancellation letter for various reasons, including but not limited to: change in personal circumstances, dissatisfaction with the timeshare property, high maintenance fees, and difficulty in using the timeshare.

Q3. What should be included in a Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

Answer: A timeshare cancellation letter should include: the owner’s name and contact information, the timeshare property name and location, the date of the timeshare contract, a statement of intent to cancel the contract, and a request for confirmation of the cancellation.

Q4. How to write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

Answer: To write a timeshare cancellation letter, start with a clear and concise subject line. Provide a brief introduction and mention the reason for the cancellation.

Outline the specific details of the contract, including the date and location. Express your intent to cancel the contract and request confirmation of the cancellation. Conclude the letter by providing your contact information and a polite closing.

Q5. Can a Timeshare Cancellation Letter be sent by email?

Answer: Yes, a timeshare cancellation letter can be sent by email. It is recommended to send the email from a professional email address and to keep a copy of the email for records.

Q6. Is it possible to cancel a Timeshare Contract?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to cancel a timeshare contract, but the process and conditions for cancellation vary depending on the terms of the contract and the laws of the jurisdiction where the property is located.

Some contracts may allow for a cooling-off period during which the contract can be cancelled, while others may require payment of a fee or penalties.

Q7. Is a Timeshare Cancellation Letter legally binding?

Answer: The legal status of a timeshare cancellation letter varies depending on the jurisdiction and the specific terms of the contract.

Some timeshare contracts may require a specific form of written notice or a specific process for cancellation. It is advisable to consult with a lawyer or consumer protection agency to understand the legal requirements in your jurisdiction.