5 Tips for Finding Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers Under 21

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Young children that grow into teenagers will soon be old enough to drive. However, they will first need to obtain a license. 

When you have a young driver in your household they will need car insurance. Your child can be added to your existing policy or you need to find a cheap car insurance policy. This is done by using various tips that will save you money for the premium. 

Rate Based On Age And Experience

Know the factors that are associated with car insurance for young drivers. Insurance companies apply a rate based on age and experience.

A young driver is inexperienced and is will be considered a high-risk driver on a policy. This means that a higher premium will apply for a young driver. 

If you can lower the premium for the policy, a cheap car insurance policy can be obtained.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Contact your insurance agent or automobile insurance company to obtain a quote for adding a child to a policy for your vehicle.

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However, you may see that the cost will increase for your existing policy. If the cost is too high or you do not want to add them to your policy, a cheap car insurance policy will need to be purchased. Obtain quotes for a car insurance policy from various companies and compare the cost.

1. use discounts

The best way to lower the cost of a car insurance policy for a young driver is to use discounts.

One type of discount that you can use is a good student discount. This is a discount that is applied to a policy if a young driver has good grades in school.

This discount is given as it shows responsibility and effort that is put towards school. You will need to produce a report card to receive this discount.

2. limit the vehicle usage

Another way to lower the cost of car insurance for a young driver is to limit the vehicle use. The cost of a policy will be less the shorter distances that are being driven. 

Shorter distances being driven pose less of a risk when on the road. If a young driver has a job, use the commuting distance on the quote to view the cost.

3. type of vehicle

The cost for a car insurance policy is also based on the type of vehicle. A four-door vehicle costs less to insure than a two-door coupe.

Insurance companies compute specifics for a vehicle that includes engine size and accessories. A larger engine will translate into a higher premium.

4. Use anti-theft device

When a car has an alarm or a anti-theft device a discount is applied to the policy. A discount is also applied to a policy for any safety features such as air bags.

5. driving history

Be aware that driving history affects the rate calculation for a car insurance policy. This means that any tickets that have been received by a young driver will increase the cost of a policy.

You will have a hard time finding cheap car insurance when a young driver has one or more speeding tickets.

Remember that an insurance company will look back at the past three years of driving history when developing the rate for a policy.

Finding heap car insurance for young drivers requires taking various factors into account. To make sure that you are getting the best price for a policy develop a list of questions that you can ask.

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