Touching Farewell Letter to Colleagues Samples

Learn how to write a touching farewell letter to colleagues. Use our sample touching farewell letter to colleagues as a template for your farewell letter.

Sample 1 – Touching Farewell Letter To Colleagues

May 27, 2022

Dear Colleagues:

It is with great regret that I must inform you that in two weeks’ time I am resigning from the position of Art Department Director.

I understand that my departure will cause a disruption, and I will do everything in my power to facilitate the smooth transition of duties to my replacement.

My decision to resign is not due to any shortcomings from this company, but to a recent diagnosis of a severe health problem. I was advised by my physician to cease working as soon as possible.

With much consideration, I must agree with my doctor’s recommendation, because I cannot function at the typical level that I have no doubt you have come to expect, and focus on my health at the same time.

While working here, the support and encouragement I have received and the connections I have made, both professional and personal, have been invaluable. I will miss the challenging nature of my work and the enjoyable atmosphere and coworkers. I will always be grateful.



Sample 2 – Touching Farewell Letter To Colleagues


City, State, Zip
Country [if applicable]

Dear colleagues,

After [number of] enjoyable years at [company name], I will be retiring on [date]. Before my departure, I want to share my heartfelt thanks to each of you for helping to create the good memories I will take with me into my retired years.

Prior to my retirement, please feel welcome to reach out with any questions or concerns and I will be happy to help with the transition in any way I can.

[Name of replacement] has been training to take over my position and will formally assume my responsibilities on [date]. 

Here is [his/her] contact phone number [insert number here] and email address [insert email here]. He/she is looking forward to working with each of you in the near future!

It is my hope that our paths may cross again in the future. You can reach me at [insert phone number here] and/or [insert email address here].

With gratitude and appreciation,

[Your signature]
[Your printed name]

Sample 3 – Touching Farewell Letter To Colleagues

May 27, 2022

Dear Colleagues:

I wanted to let you all know that next Friday, June11, 2022 will be my last day in the office. After a great deal of contemplation, I have decided to accept the offer made to me by World Wide Group, and will be joining the team as a head marketer.

I would like to take this occasion to let each one of you know that working with you kind folks and getting to know you, has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Together we have laughed, cried and became close friends. I value each one of your friendships and your dedication to the company we helped grow into the mega giant it is today.

As I contemplate leaving such a wonderful company, I am overwhelmed with emotions. I have been so happy for the past 10 years working here, but a new position with a nice benefit package has lured me to another path in life.

I am sad that I will be leaving behind so many friends that have taught me lessons, laughed with me and above all else, was the best team I have ever worked with.

I only hope that I find in my new place of employment a fraction of the love, gratitude and friendship that I have found here.

The memories that I will take with me from this place are something money cannot buy. Remember the three legged races at the annual company picnics?

I also will never forget the dunk tank and getting Mr. Jon Pusan in there at least 5 times. The outings we shared made us more like a family than co-workers, and because of that I will miss you one and all.

Thank you for making my job here a bit easier, because you were all working beside me. I would love to stay in contact with all of you.

While my new job requires me to relocate, my new contact information is below. I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you and making new memories to share with you. I can be reached at,

Lisa Harper
9087 Clemmons Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90210



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