Writing a Simple Transcript Request Letter [with Sample]

A transcript request letter is a letter that a student seeking higher education or employment uses to verify previous educational accomplishments and degrees earned. Transcripts typically include records from high schools, universities and other higher learning institutions.

A separate letter is required to request a transcript from each institution. If you want transcripts from high school and two universities you attended, for instance, you would need three request letters. All requests must be sent in writing.

Standard Letter Format

A request letter for a transcript should be patterned after the standard letter format. Each letter should be addressed to the specific university, school or institution you wish to receive a transcript from.

If possible, determine who the appropriate contact person is in the department that will receive your request. 

You tend to get a faster response if you can narrow it down to a specific department and contact person rather addressing it to the school’s general address.

Standard letter format includes:

  • Sender’s address (top left hand side of the page)
  • Date below the address
  • Recipient’s name one line beneath the date
  • Proper salutation (“to whom it may concern” if you have no contact name)
  • No more than three paragraphs in the body
  • An appropriate closing salutation

Some institutions only provide partial transcripts unless the letter specifically states a full transcript is requested. 

If you only need a transcript of your last year, common for high school transcript requests, clearly state that fact.

The first paragraph states the need for a copy of the transcript. If a fee was required, state that it is enclosed. The same goes with any required forms.

To further speed up your request, provide some background information, including:

  • Dates you attended
  • Programs you were enrolled in
  • Date of graduation
  • Degrees earned

In the next paragraph, you will provide personal information. Since the school already has this information on file, it helps them to find your transcript faster, especially with larger institutions with a significant student population.

Providing such information is also a security precaution as an assurance to the school or university that the person making the request is authentic.

The type of verification information you should typically provide includes:

  • Social security number
  • Student identification number
  • Date of birth

The final paragraph is where you honestly thank the school for their attention to this matter. 

If the transcripts are needed quickly, emphasize this point by stating something along the lines of “I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter, as I require these transcripts for an upcoming interview.”

While not usually necessary, it’s recommended to have the letter notarized for your added protection and to ensure the school that your signature is really yours.

Wrap it up with an appropriate closing and your signature. Be sure to include a contact number in case there are any questions concerning the transcript request and the address where you want the transcripts sent.

Sample Transcript Request Letter

Jane Smith
P.O. Box 123
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

May 5, 20xx

Intellectual University
100 Smart Way
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Attn: Admissions Department c/o Larry Jones

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am requesting a copy of my full transcript from Intellectual University. The required form and fee of $100 in the form of a money order are enclosed as per the instructions I received when I contacted the university.

I am a proud 20xx graduate of Intellectual University where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering while in attendance from August 27, 20xx to May 15, 20xx. 

I am requesting these documents for a possible position with D&D Builders, Inc.

In order to help expedite this request and allow you to quickly access my files, my Intellectual University Student Identification Number is IU1234567. 

My Social Security number is 456-77-8910. My date of birth is May 1, 19xx. Please forward the transcripts to me at home. My home address is:

Jane Ann Smith
1515 Mockingbird Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

I appreciate your prompt attention regarding this request, as I require a copy of my transcripts for my upcoming interview. 

By receiving this information as quickly as possible, I am confident I will be fully prepared for this interview. 

Should you have any additional questions regarding this matter, please call me at (555) 344-5678 or email me at JASmith@XMail.com


Jane Smith

NOTE: It’s recommended to call each school to find out what their policies are regarding transcripts. Any additional required forms and fees should be submitted with the request letter. 

Request letters should be sent as far in advance of when they are needed as possible to allow time for the request to be processed and the transcript to be sent.

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