Transcript Request Letter [FREE Sample]

Learn how to write a transcript request letter. Use our sample transcript request letter as a template for your request letter.

Transcript Request letter sample

Jane Smith
P.O. Box 123
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Intellectual University
100 Smart Way
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Attn: Admissions Department c/o Larry Jones

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am requesting a copy of my full transcript from Intellectual University. The required form is attached as per the instructions I received when I contacted the university.

I am a proud 20xx graduate of Intellectual University where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering while in attendance from DATE to DATE.

I am requesting these documents for a possible position with D&D Builders, Inc.

In order to help expedite this request and allow you to quickly access my files, my Intellectual University Student Identification Number is IU1234567.

My Social Security number is 456-77-8910. My date of birth is DATE. Please forward the transcripts to me at home. My home address is:

Jane Ann Smith
1515 Mockingbird Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

I appreciate your prompt attention regarding this request, as I require a copy of my transcripts for my upcoming interview.

By receiving this information as quickly as possible, I am confident I will be fully prepared for this interview.

Should you have any additional questions regarding this matter, please call me at (555) 344-5678 or email me at


Jane Smith
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