Free Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter [Sample]

Make your appeal letter using our sample unemployment refusal appeal letter as a template.

Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter Sample

Jane Smith
123 Buell Rd.
Dixon, IL 61021
Case No: IL 867/654124


The Chairman
State of Illinois Unemployment Compensation Appeals Board
8989 One Hill Rd.
Levens, IL 61589

RE: Appeal for Denial of Unemployment Compensation

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this formal letter to ask that you appeal the denial regarding my unemployment compensation from the State of Illinois. 

The letter, dated DATE, affirmed that the employer was disputing me on the grounds that I was not entitled to the funds. 

It said that I quit my job and that after a brief meeting I was persuaded to stay on at my job. Those facts, as stated by the employer, are 100 percent false. 

Furthermore, they are an obvious and unscrupulous attempt to get out of paying unemployment. I, in fact, have detailed evidence that proves my point, which is attached to this letter.

Over the past few months of working at my job, a new foreman in my department was putting outrageous demands on me. In the end, I was eventually written up, although I fought it every step of the way. 

You will find that the severance contract clearly reveals they fired me and also compensated me with a severance package. 

This shows it’s a deliberate attempt to simply settle out of court. Also, based on the fact that I had been given an unreasonable workload, brought up the subject of age discrimination, and many other reasons, it was obvious that they were trying to get rid of me. 

However, the documentation that I have attached will put it all in perspective so you’ll understand where I am coming from.

The application form that your agency requires is filled out accurately. Please look into this matter at your earliest convenience. 

Thank you for taking the time to review both my letter and documentation. If you need to contact me, my number is (123) 777-4343.


(sign your name here)

Jane Smith

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