Get Out of Debt Faster with These Unsolicited Debt Settlement Offer Letters

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Here are sample unsolicited debt settlement letters. It should be sent by certified mail so that you have a record of the time and date it was received. If any documents need to be included, they should be copies and not original documents.

Sample 1 - Unsolicited Debt Settlement Offer Letter

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Recipient
Address of Recipient
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Name of Recipient,

The purpose of this letter is to formally request a settlement for the medical bills I owe your hospital.

I regret that I am unable to pay the bill in full at this time because my monthly income has been greatly reduced after the automobile accident in which I broke both of my legs.

I am requesting a payment plan of $100 per month until the time that I am able to continue working and receiving my usual salary. The rehabilitation may take from six to nine months. 

At this time, my income is $ and I have a home mortgage of $ to pay. I will pay by check on the 15th of each month beginning DATE.

If this is agreeable to you, kindly send me a letter stating the repayment details as I have described.

I can be reached at 555-123-4567 or a, and I would be happy to talk to you and give you more details at any time.


Signature of Consumer
Printed Name of Consumer
List of Enclosures

Sample 2 - Unsolicited Debt Settlement Offer Letter


Account Number: 123456789
ABC Credit Card Company
444 Harrison Lane
West Buford, Texas 67829

RE: Request payoff settlement of my account

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter that will serve as a formal offer to pay off my past due balance on my credit card of $680.00 with you, ABC Credit Card Company, account number 123456789.

Due to my financial hardship, I cannot pay the entire balance in full. But, I am able to pay a lesser amount that I think is reasonable given my dire circumstances.

I want to formally request that if I agree to pay a one lump sum of $400.00, my account will then be paid-in-full and I will no longer receive any more bills or letters to pursue action against me.

If you agree to this one lump sum amount, I’m also asking that you do the following:

• Immediately close my account so no additional penalty fees or interest is applicable.
• You send a formal written confirmation of this agreement to my address and keep a copy on file.

Upon agreeing to my proposal and after receiving your confirmation in writing, I will readily pay the amount of $400.00 within 10 days of receiving your written confirmation using a certified check.

Thank you for considering my proposal and giving it your prompt attention. Please contact me anytime at (564) 877-1234 to discuss this matter further.


Kelly Smith
38 Sunny Lane
Mountain View, Montana 89436

Sample 3 - Unsolicited Debt Settlement Offer Letter

Chris Bond
7493 Fairfield Way
Burton, Ohio 43844


ABC Collections, Inc.
Henry James
443 Brighton Lane
Burton, Ohio 43844

RE: Account #2K8488R43L9

Dear Mr. James,

My account regarding Capitol One Auto Finance has unfortunately been placed with your organization for collection.

Obviously, I’ve not been able to pay down this debt and have therefore avoided any contact with your organization.

But, this year I did receive a substantial tax refund and am very eager to settle this debt once and for all.

The original Capital One account number associated with this loan was 585556587. The balance on my account when it originally went into collections was $2,895.

But, with all the accrued interest and late fees, the balance on my last statement was nearly $5,500. At this time, I would like to offer a settlement proposal in order to clear my debt.

Because the original amount I owed was $2,895, I want to base my proposal off that specific figure.

I want to offer a flat $1,500 on this account in order to settle it for good, which is about half of the amount I originally owed without calculating fees and interest.

If you accept my offer, I also want this reported to the credit bureaus that it’s paid in full. I can pay this amount today over the phone with my credit card.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 675-845-2135. I look forward to speaking with you soon and resolving this matter quickly.


Chris Bond


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