What Everybody Ought to Know About Writing a Resignation Letter

No matter how much an employee enjoys his job, there’s always a chance that he might have to move on to another job at some point. 

Things change, companies change, and people change on a regular basis. No matter what the reason is, an employee may need to resign and move on at some point. 

In this situation, a resignation letter is needed. Writing a resignation letter can be difficult, but anyone can write one with the proper knowledge. Here are a few things to know about writing this type of letter.

Include The Basics

Many people make the mistake of writing this type of letter without actually getting around to saying that they are quitting.

The essence of this letter should include the information that the employee is quitting and when their last day of work will be.

This is the information that the person who will read this letter is actually after. Without this, it’s not really that important of a letter.

The Reason

In some cases, the writer of the letter should include a reason as to why they are quitting. It’s not always necessary to include a reason, but if the reason is positive, then it’s fine to include.

This isn’t the time to drag anyone through the mud or to call names. If the employee is quitting to go back to school, to move to another location, or for some other generally positive reason, then include it in the letter.

Offering To Help

In many cases, it is a good idea to offer to help during the transition period. In some situations, an employee quitting can make things very difficult on the rest of the business. During the transition, being available to answer questions can be very helpful.

This may be greatly appreciated by the owner of the business as well. This can go along way toward providing a positive reference in the future as well. 

Keep It Short 

Many people like to go on and on about everything in the letter. This is not the time to be lengthy or to take a long time to say anything. In this letter, it is important to be as brief as possible. Only cover the information is absolutely necessary for the person reading the letter. 

For example, the information about when the employee is leaving, a reason why, and an offer to help is really all that needs to be included in most letters. 

In other cases, some other information may be relevant, depending on the situation. However, it is important to eliminate any fluff or unnecessarily emotional writing. 

Very Important

Overall, writing this type of letter is very important if an employee is getting ready to resign from a position. It is the professional way to handle this situation, and it can lead to feelings of good will from a former employer. 

Instead of just focusing on the negative, it can be a great way to get good recommendations in the future, and to help land better jobs. 

If written properly, it can also go a long way toward making the employer feel better about the situation. These letters are never easy to write, especially when the employee liked his job. 

However, anyone can write one with the proper mindset and the knowledge of what they should be writing.

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