What Hiring Managers Look For In a Candidate

Successfully completing a cover letter and resume’ appealing enough to stand out is an admirable accomplishment, but it will take much more to convince hiring managers that the applicant is the only one for the position. The following are the key qualities that a hiring manager looks for when searching for the perfect candidate. 


A hiring manager’s first objective is to determine if the applicant has the skills, experience and education required to be an employee. A resume’ should effectively describe what knowledge an applicant has and what they are able to do if hired for the position. 

The resume’ should only state qualifications revelant to the job while also highlighting positive accomplishments achieved while performing these attributes. 

An applicant must do background research on the company to effectively convince an interviewer that their talents will firmly serve a purpose for each role if hired, and fitting questions about the company effectively lets hiring managers know that the applicant is completely sure that their skill sets are a good fit for the position.


Hiring managers know that an individual can be capable, but high levels of commitment and motivation are also two key quality traits of a potential employee. Stating on the resume’ past examples of dedicated work ethic and commitment to a cause, even in areas not entirely related to the position, gives an essential positive impression. 

Doing so reinforces an applicant’s reliability when an interviewer asks pointed questions to determine if a potential employee can be relied on during difficult, stressing or boring times in the workplace. A perfect applicant must be self-directed enough to accomplish tasks when authorities are not available.


Oftentimes, the most qualified applicant may not be chosen in favor for the individual that appears to be the best bit for the company environment. The interview process determines if the applicant will fit in with the organization. 

An applicant’s choice of language, confidence, sense of humor and enthusiasm must fit in with current employees to maintain cohesiveness, and also foreshadows the future happiness of the applicant if hired. A hiring manager looks for those who enjoy being part of team to maintain organization in the workplace.


A hiring manager will ask an applicant about their weaknesses and difficulties of past work history. Each individual has their unique set of flaws, so it is in the applicant’s best interest to describe them in a positive light. 

Adding how each deficiency is compensated for shows flexibility, dedication and problem solving skills that will impress the hiring manager while maintaining full disclosure. Discussing gaps in employment during an interview is also important; many individuals have employment gaps, but a complete dialogue about the reasons why ensure the hiring manager that the reasons are valid and will not become an issue in future employment.

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