What Is a 609 Credit Dispute Letter?

A 609 credit dispute letter is a mechanism for customers to request that inaccurate or unfounded material be removed off their credit reports. As previously indicated, 609 letters are named after Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

This allows you the right to obtain information about the items mentioned on your credit reports, but not to dispute them directly. So, despite the fact that 609 letters are commonly referred to as dispute letters, they aren’t challenging anything on your credit report just yet. Sections 611 and 623 of the FCRA protect your right to dispute information on your credit report.

credit bureaus unable to verify a debt

The 609 credit dispute letter states that if the credit bureaus are unable to supply specific data required to verify a debt, the debt must be removed from your credit report. So, 609 letters basically offer you the information you need to prepare follow-up letters disputing any errors made under sections 611 and 623. 

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Although 609 letters might assist jumpstart the process, it’s crucial to realize that there is no credit repair “secret” or “silver bullet.” Even so, a 609 letter may allow you to seek assistance from the credit bureaus.

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