What is Bet Insurance in Sports?

Betting on sports events can be a thrilling experience, but it’s not without its risks. Just as insurance provides a safety net in various areas of our lives, some bookmakers offer what’s known as ‘bet insurance’ to help mitigate the potential losses from sports bets.

Definition of Bet Insurance

Bet insurance, in the simplest terms, is a feature offered by certain bookmakers that allows bettors to safeguard their stake (or a portion of it) against a potential loss. 

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If the bet loses, the insured amount is returned to the bettor. However, if the bet wins, the bettor collects the winnings minus the cost of the insurance.

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How does Bet Insurance work?

  1. Selection: Once you’ve chosen a sports event and outcome to bet on, you’ll have the option to insure your bet either partially or in full, depending on the bookmaker’s offer.

  2. Cost: There is a cost associated with bet insurance. This fee might be a percentage of your stake or a flat rate, depending on the terms of the bookmaker.

  3. Outcome: If your bet wins, you collect your winnings but bear in mind that the payout will be minus the cost of the insurance. If your bet loses, the insured portion of your stake is returned.

Advantages of Bet Insurance

  1. Reduced Risk: The primary advantage is the reduced risk of loss. Even if your prediction is incorrect, you can recoup some or all of your original stake.

  2. Flexibility: Many bookmakers allow you to insure a portion of your bet. This way, you can decide how much of your stake you’d like to safeguard.

  3. Peace of Mind: Bet insurance can provide a more relaxed betting experience, especially for those who might be new to sports betting or are uncertain about a particular wager.

Drawbacks of Bet Insurance

  1. Cost: Insuring your bet isn’t free. Over time, the costs can accumulate, reducing your overall profit.

  2. Reduced Payout: When you win a bet with insurance, your potential earnings are diminished by the cost of the insurance.

  3. Not Always Available: Not all bets or sporting events are eligible for insurance. Availability varies based on the bookmaker’s terms and conditions.


Bet insurance is an appealing tool for many sports bettors who are looking to mitigate the risk of their wagers. It offers a safety net, ensuring that, in the event of a loss, the financial blow is softened. Like any tool, however, it’s crucial to use it wisely. 

Bettors should always weigh the cost of the insurance against the potential return and determine whether it’s a value-added proposition for their particular wager.

Remember, sports betting is unpredictable, and while bet insurance can offer a degree of protection, it’s essential to gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.