What is Short Term Car Insurance?

Accidents seem to always happen when you least expect them to. They seem to happen when you have very little funds, up to your neck in debt and can’t afford time out of your busy schedule to deal with it.

But we know they happen anyway and sometimes just can’t be avoided. It’s important to get a car insurance quote because dealing with the inevitable threat of a lawsuit, large payout to the other victim or severe damage to your vehicle or perhaps a vehicle you’re borrowing, or even your health can make a bad situation you’re in far worse if you’re not fully covered at the time.

Temporary Coverage

Many don’t realize a driver can even purchase short term car insurance for one day. There are a myriad number of situations where you might need a one-day car insurance quote. Maybe you’re borrowing someone’s vehicle and want to make sure you’re adequately covered.

Maybe you just bought a vehicle, don’t want to hassle with a long term plan right now, but just need one day coverage to drive it home. This is known as short term car insurance. 

It’s an insurance policy alternative to an annual insurance policy that can be very convenient and affordable when you temporarily need car insurance for a short amount of time.

Insurance Options

Short term insurance policies typically include the various types of coverage that long term policies includes, but if you need short term car insurance, there are three basic types of coverage that you might consider vital, which are:

• Liability
• Collision
• Comprehensive

Compulsory or liability insurance is required by law in most states. Collision insurance covers damage to the insurer’s vehicle due to a collision with another vehicle, and isn’t typically required. Comprehensive covers damage caused by unrelated vehicular accidents, such as natural disasters or auto crime, and also isn’t required.

Though comprehensive is probably not as important as the first two, if the vehicle you’re temporarily using is not your own, then you probably would consider having it.

How to Get Short Term Coverage

The period of coverage for a short term policy can range anywhere from one day to several months, depending on the need of the driver. The premium is usually collected in advance or on a monthly basis, and coverage can begin immediately or on the specific date agreed upon in the policy.

Not all insurance companies issue short term coverage, but you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a company that does. There are insurance companies that specialize in these types of policies, and many companies will not only give you a free car insurance quote online, but even allow you to purchase insurance online. Using the Internet can sometimes be the fastest and easiest way to find one-day insurance coverage.

There’s nothing more assuring than driving a vehicle knowing that you have all the car insurance coverage you need, backed by a dependable auto insurance company.

So if you’re looking for that confidence and assurance while you’re on the road, even if it’s just temporary, then it’s imperative you take the time and start searching and comparing quotes today without hesitation.

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