What Moving Supplies Should You Buy for Your Self Move?

The dreaded moving day is fast approaching and everything is tinkering on the verge of becoming chaotic. Now is the perfect time to relax breath and make plans that will help to make the move quick and painless as possible.

The first step towards a smooth flowing self-moving project is to insure that the right moving supplies are purchased. Having the right supplies on hand can be the difference between an organized project and chaos.

Here are some supplies that will need to be on hand during a self-moving project:

• Moving Boxes – While having moving boxes on hand may be obvious, consideration must be given to having the proper sizes of boxes on hand. 

Trying to force too big of items into too small of boxes will make packing impossible, at the same token placing too small of items inside of into too big of a box will not protect the items properly. 

Properly filled boxes will stack easy without caving. Utilizing smaller boxes for heavier items will help to reduce the weight having to be lifted.

• Wardrobe Boxes – Wardrobe style boxes will help to protect clothing from dust during the move. Clothes can be hung inside of wardrobe boxes similarly to hanging clothes inside of a closet. 

Wardrobe boxes allow clothes to be packed, and removed quicker as well reduces wrinkles in clothing compared to folding clothes inside normal boxes.

• Cardboard Separators –  Cardboard separators help to protect items like dishes and glassware inside of boxes by preventing the items banging together inside of the box. Separators also help to strengthen boxes with fragile valuables.

• Storage Packing Tape and Tape Dispenser –  Like with any other project having the right tools for the job make the job go a lot faster. 

When it comes to a moving project the proper tape and tool to dispense the tape makes packing go extremely fast, and help to secure boxes better.

• Wrapping Paper – For small fragile items tissue and paper towels can be used to protect the items. 

For larger items that need to be protected from damage unprinted newspapers will do the trick. 

For an added layer of protection stuff the newspaper between times to provide added cushioning.

 • Bubble Wrap – While bubble wrap can provide lost of fun popping the bubbles between fingers, however bubble wrap actually has a greater purpose in protecting items being packed.

Bubble wrap can be purchased in various roll widths that are most of the time perforated for easy sizing to the proper length.

• Stretch Wrap – Dust is a unavoidable part of moving. To protect sofas from dust use stretch wrap.

Another valued use of stretch wrap is to keep drawers in place. While some may want to use tape to preform this function, tape can often times ruin the finish on furniture.

Stretch wrap can be placed around furniture to hold drawers in place without damaging the finish on the furniture piece.

• Sharpie Markers – Sharpie markers will help label boxes so that they can be placed in the proper rooms for unpacking.

Having to run from room to room relocating boxes can make an already tedious tax even more stressful.

However having all of the kitchen items in the kitchen, living room items in the living room, and so on and so on will help to greatly expedite the process.

• Mattress Bags – Once again dust is and unavoidable part of moving. Mattress bags will protect mattress from dust and damage from any unintentional moisture leaks that may occur during moving.

• Forearm Straps – Forearm straps designed for lifting heavier or more bulky items like washer and dryers are an excellent way to expedite the moving process by allowing bulky items to be balanced and moved with more ease.

• Moving Dolly – A moving dolly gives movers the capability to move twice as many items in half the amount of time.

While everyone hates to move, a self-moving project does not have to be the terrible experience that many have.

By planning a move ahead the process can be made easier. This means purchasing the proper moving supplies with enough time to being packing well in advance of moving day.

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