What Should a Medical Assistant Resume Contain?

A medical assistant’s job entails a wide range of responsibilities, from administrative to clinical. Knowing how to construct an excellent medical assistant resume will demonstrate this breadth of abilities to potential employers. These five items should be included in order to demonstrate experience as a medical assistant.

1. Certifications 

A medical assistant certification is required for the majority of medical assisting job positions. Because medical assistants have administrative and clinical responsibilities, any certificates they have in these areas should be provided.

The names of certification organizations, as well as any state or national organizations, should be included in the application. Employers may seek multiple qualifications or certification from a single organization. Any first-aid qualifications, such as CPR or AED, as well as any clerical certifications, should be included in the application.

2. Administrative Skills

Administrative clerical experience and skills should be included in medical assistant resumes. They should be comfortable with basic office equipment, computer software, and medical records. Applicants must also be familiar with medical terminology.

Any knowledge or skills with electronic medical record software should also be included. Answering phones, organizing appointments, bookkeeping, medical coding, typing, and transcribing are all talents that medical assistants should have. Include any relevant skills or experience in this section.

3. Medical Skills 

Medical and administrative responsibilities are equally important in the function of a medical assistant. Applicants should include any and all medical experience in their application. 

Because medical expertise can span a wide range of responsibilities, applicants should adjust their medical abilities on their résumé to the requirements of the office or position they are seeking for. Include skills like checking vital signs, preparing patients for treatments, writing medical histories, and learning basic first aid.

4. Past Experience

Any resume for a medical assistant should highlight the applicant’s previous experience in both medical and clerical domains. Applicants should apply talents from previous jobs to the role they are applying for.

This information is critical in deciding how an applicant will fit into a new practice because medical practices differ in many ways. This will also provide companies an indication of the types of businesses with which applicants are aware. Both medical and clerical experience should be included in medical applicants’ resumes.

5. Education 

Employers appreciate candidates who have received training in their desired fields. Any educational programs that the applicant has finished or is presently enrolled in should be listed on the medical assistant resume.

Because employers will be able to see that an applicant completed a program and graduated, educational achievements are similar to stated certificates. Medical assistants should always list the names and locations of the schools and programs from which they graduated, as well as the date of graduation. 

It can be challenging to know what to include in a résumé. Anticipating an employer’s demands is critical, and if a candidate is unsure what to include, they may always seek assistance from a career counselor or résumé writer. Employers of any medical practice will be impressed if you include these items.

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