Writing a Business Accepting Invitation Letter [with Sample]

In the instance of a business accepting an invitation letter, proper etiquette dictates that stating your acceptance in the form of a business accepting invitation letter is regarded acceptable etiquette, especially if the occasion is formal.

The letter itself should be gracious and formal in tone and ideally be sent within just a few days of initially receiving the business invitation. 

If an RSVP card is included, write a few brief lines on the card’s other side in addition to writing the letter. Otherwise, just use your own high-quality stationary. However, do not use standard printer paper.

keep the content short and to the point

Like all typical social writings and correspondence, your business accepting invitation letter needs to be free from any spelling or grammar errors along with ensuring that your punctuation is correct. 

It’s important to keep the primary content short and to the point as well. Here are some important tips to follow for a well-written letter:

Accepting A Business Invitation

If you were invited to a business-based event or meeting, it’s best to send a formal letter to let the other party know you’re accepting the invitation. A letter illustrates your interest in the business meeting as well as your professionalism.

If you’re going to the meeting on behalf of your organization, be sure to write the letter using the letterhead stationery from your office. Keep the contents friendly and brief without being stuffy. It’s best to use short sentences.

Use Correct Format

Although a business letter can be created in various formats, using basic block style is mostly preferred. Align the contents of your letter using the left margin.

Keep in mind that the body of the letter needs to be single spaced in addition to double spacing in between paragraphs. Include the date below the letterhead.

Next, type the recipient’s name and address including their job title if applicable. Start your letter with ‘Dear’ and the recipient’s formal title and their surname. For instance: ‘Dear Mr. Smith’ or ‘Dear Dr. Smith’.

Express Your Gratitude

Thank the recipient for the invitation in the early part of the letter, while mentioning a few key details concerning the meeting or event. For instance: ‘Thank you for inviting me to your office meeting on November 28 at 3 p.m.’

Expressing your appreciation will establish a positive, uplifting tone for your future meeting and also lets the recipient know how grateful you are for their time and effort in involving you. 

Including the date, time, and place of the upcoming meeting confirms that you know the logistics of the meeting and provides the recipient a chance to correct any misunderstandings regarding the arrangements.

Affirm Your Acceptance

Affirm your acceptance of your business invitation. For instance: ‘I want to let you know that I have graciously accepted your business invitation and can’t wait to meet you and your team’.

Refrain from using flowery words or slang or seem overly excited about the invitation. It’s okay to express some degree of excitement, but only on a professional level. 

A generally enthusiastic response may show how eager you are to meet with the recipient in order to talk about the impending project.

Include Key Details

In the next paragraph, discuss the specific details surrounding the meeting. Mention a few ideas you intend to discuss along with any documents you’ll be bringing as well.

For instance: ‘I am very interested in hearing about your new ideas in order to increase our online sales. I have put many hours into sales data research and would like to share what I’ve discovered with you’.

End your letter on a positive note, for example, ‘I am looking forward to a very interesting and productive meeting with both you and your team’. Once you’re done mentioning all the necessary details, simply sign and send your letter.

End The Letter Properly

By using meaningful words when concluding your letter, such as ‘Always’, ‘Very Truly Yours’, ‘Sincerely’, or ‘Very Respectfully’, it will express the degree of your sincerity overall. 

Similar to how you address the letter, the general tone of the closing should ideally reflect your relationship with the recipient as well.

Appropriately Sign The Letter

In addition to typing your name at the close of the letter, be sure to also sign it. If you want to write it in a more casual way that’s okay, as long as the recipient can identify that it’s indeed your signature.

Sample Business Accepting Invitation Letter

Sarah Wells
ABC Marketing Manager
7623 East Road
Rockton, New York 89238

December 3, 2021

Mark Smith
Acme, Inc.
487 14th Street
Southville, New York 89323

Dear Mr. Mark Smith,

I am writing this letter to kindly thank you for inviting me to attend the up and coming Apple iPhone seminar in Rochester, New York, on December 17th. 

I am confirming my attendance and strongly hope this seminar will give us a chance to strengthen our working business relationship.

I will also be submitting a few ideas on some marketing research I’ve been working on recently as well.

Thank you once again for inviting me. I look forward to meeting with you and your team.


(sign your name here)

Sarah Wells
ABC Marketing Manager

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