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You should make sure you are qualified for paternity leave before writing the paternity leave request letter. In your contract, there may be rules and conditions relating to any type of leave. 

Most of the time, this means that you must have worked for a specific number of weeks, months, or years before being eligible for certain types of leave.

Disability Insurance

To be eligible for paid family leave in California, employees must contribute to the state’s disability insurance program. 

Forms must be completed and proof of the employee’s relationship with the child, whether natural, adoptive, or fostered, must be provided. Contact Human Resources if you have any questions about your company’s policy or if you qualify.

Paid Leave

If you don’t have any kind of paid leave, but would like to take a few days or weeks off work to help with the new family member, you may be able to take unpaid leave without losing your job under the Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

However, not all employers are covered by FMLA, so you should ask the Human Resources department if the company complies with the act. It may be wise for you requesting unpaid leave to offer to work part-time or during specified hours. 

The employer may be willing to allow the person to work half-days or only two or three days a week. If two people work for the same employer, there may be a limitation of the amount of combined leave they can take. 

Best Option

It’s a good idea to request paternity leave well ahead of time so that both you and your employer can get all of your questions answered.

The ideal option is to send a paternity leave letter because it allows you to clarify all of the reasons behind the request. It also allows your company to ensure that your work will be covered.

Below is a sample paternity leave letter. It should be a formal business letter and sent at least one month before the leave will start. The employee should keep a copy of the letter. It can be hand delivered or sent by registered mail. 

Sample Paternity Leave Request Letter

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Employer
Name of Company
Address of Company
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Request for parental leave.

Dear Mr. Name of Employer:

I work in the company as a project manager. My supervisor is Name of Supervisor. 

This letter is a formal request for me to take parental leave for 30 days starting on the day the baby is born. My wife will deliver our new baby on or about DATE, and I would like to be by her side.

We have no other help at this time because my wife’s parents are too old to travel here and help, and my mother will come only a week after the baby is born. I am requesting leave more than 30 days before the required date. 

I have referred to the employee’s handbook, and understand that I am allowed four weeks paternity leave with half pay. 

I have spoken to my immediate supervisor and plan to complete all of my current projects before I take leave. 

Name of Employee will oversee any new projects, and I will be at home and available to help any if required. 

I look forward to your favorable reply to my application. If you have any questions, I can be reached at Phone Number or Email Address. 

Thank you for your consideration of my request.


Your Signature
Your Printed Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much paternity leave am I entitled to?

Answer: The amount of paternity leave varies by country and employer. In the United States, there is no federal law mandating paternity leave, but some states and employers may offer paid or unpaid leave. In the United Kingdom, eligible fathers can take up to two weeks of paternity leave.

2. How do I request paternity leave?

Answer: The process for requesting paternity leave will vary depending on your employer. It is best to check with your human resources department or supervisor for specific instructions. In general, you will need to provide documentation, such as a birth certificate or proof of adoption, and give notice of your intended leave dates.

3. Can I take paternity leave while my partner is on maternity leave?

Answer: Yes, in some countries, it is possible for a father to take paternity leave while the mother is on maternity leave. This will depend on the employer’s policies and the country’s laws.

4. Am I entitled to pay while on paternity leave?

Answer: Whether or not you are entitled to pay while on paternity leave will depend on your employer’s policies and the laws of your country. In some cases, you may be eligible for paid leave through a government program or through your employer’s benefits package.

5. Can I extend my paternity leave?

Answer: The ability to extend paternity leave will depend on your employer’s policies and the laws of your country. Some employers may allow for an extension of leave, while others may not. It is best to check with your human resources department or supervisor for specific information.

6. Will my job be protected while on paternity leave?

Answer: In most countries, job protection during paternity leave is guarantee by law. This means that your employer cannot terminate your employment or discriminate against you for taking paternity leave.

7. Can I take paternity leave if I am self-employed?

Answer: Self-employed individuals are not typically eligible for paternity leave. However, some countries have laws that provide self-employed individuals with a certain amount of time off for the birth or adoption of a child.