Secure Your Hotel Stay: Credit Card Authorization Letter

A credit card authorization letter for hotel booking is a legal document that authorizes a third party, such as a hotel or travel agency, to charge a credit card on behalf of the cardholder. 

It serves as proof that the cardholder has given written consent for the hotel to charge their credit card for the cost of the reservation, even if the cardholder is not physically present at the time of the transaction.

Why Do Hotels Require Credit Card Authorization Letters? 

Hotels require credit card authorization letters to protect themselves against fraud and chargebacks. By obtaining written consent from the cardholder, the hotel can verify that the reservation is legitimate and that the cardholder has authorized the charge. 

In the event of a dispute or chargeback, the hotel can use the authorization letter as proof that the transaction was authorized by the cardholder.

How to Write a Credit Card Authorization Letter for Hotel Booking 

When writing a credit card authorization letter for hotel booking, it is important to include specific information to ensure that the transaction is processed correctly. Here are the steps to follow when writing a credit card authorization letter:

Step 1: Format the Letter 

The letter should be formatted like a formal business letter, with your name and contact information at the top, followed by the date and the recipient’s name and contact information.

Step 2: State the Purpose of the Letter 

Begin the letter by stating the purpose of the letter, which is to authorize the hotel or travel agency to charge your credit card for the cost of the reservation.

Step 3: Provide the Details of the Reservation 

Include the details of the reservation, such as the hotel’s name, the reservation dates, the type of room, and the total cost of the reservation.

Step 4: Provide Your Credit Card Information 

Include your credit card information, such as the name on the card, the credit card number, the expiration date, and the security code.

Step 5: Sign and Date the Letter 

Sign and date the letter to indicate that you have authorized the hotel or travel agency to charge your credit card for the cost of the reservation.

Credit Card Authorization Letter Sample for Hotel Booking

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP Code]
[Your Phone Number]
[Your Email Address]


[Hotel/Travel Agency Name]
[City, State ZIP Code]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, [Your Name], hereby authorize [Hotel/Travel Agency Name] to charge my credit card for the cost of my hotel reservation from [Reservation Start Date] to [Reservation End Date] at [Hotel Name]. The total cost of the reservation is [Total Cost of the Reservation].

Please find my credit card information below:

Name on Card: [Your Name]
Credit Card Number: [Credit Card Number]
Expiration Date: [Expiration Date]
Security Code: [Security Code]

I confirm that I am the authorized cardholder and that the above information is accurate.

Thank you for your assistance in booking my hotel reservation.


[Your Signature]
[Your Name]

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