Sample Letters to Dispute Credit Report Errors

A credit report dispute letter should be sent to the credit reporting agency (CRA) if there are any inaccuracies on a person’s credit report. This mistake can unfairly make the credit score lower, which will adversely affect the person’s attempts to get a credit card, car loan, rent an apartment or buy insurance.

A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study in 2013 showed that one in five consumers have errors on their credit reports. It also states that five percent of the consumers with errors are serious enough to cause them to pay much more in interest for a loan.

4 Out Of 5 Consumers

Four out of five consumers get some modification to their credit report if they file a dispute, and more than one in 10 had their credit score raised. It is rare, but possible, to get a credit score raised from 25 – 100 points. 

The first thing to do is ask the three credit reporting agencies, which are TransUnion Equifax and Experian, for a credit report. Each agency is separate and may have different information. There could be an error on one report and not on another. 

Each agency should be contacted if the inaccuracy is information that does not belong to the consumer or if it is a wrong address or incorrect public record information. Other inaccuracies should only be disputed with the CRA report that contains the mistake. 

Dispute Credit Reports Online or By Mail

Consumers can dispute credit reports online or by mail. If they choose to use the postal service, they should send the letter by certified mail, so they have a receipt that is proof of when the letter was sent and received. 

It is recommended to also dispute an item with the credit furnisher. However, the dispute must be made with the CRA before the consumer can sue for credit damage. For this reason, the consumer can send a copy of the dispute letter with documentation to the furnisher at the same time. 

The letter should be brief and to the point. The person reading the letter will not take the time to read a lengthy notification. The letter should not be more than one page. If there are several disputed items on the credit report, they should be put into bullet points. 

The credit reporting agencies are legally bound to investigate consumer disputes, so it is not necessary to add references to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

All the documentation required to prove the dispute should be included. These should be copies of the originals. Original documents should never be sent. Each document that is enclosed should be listed at the end of the letter. 

Second Credit Report Dispute Letter

If this is the second credit report dispute letter for the same dispute, the consumer can put a cc at the bottom of the letter and send a copy of this letter to the state attorney general’s office, Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. These institutions need not be sent copies with a first letter. 

Below are samples of a credit dispute letter that can be sent by mail. It should be sent by certified mail because then the consumer will get proof that the credit agency received the letter and when they received it. Any enclosures such as bills or credit reports should be copies with the mistake highlighted. No original documents should be sent. 

Sample 1 – Letter To Dispute Credit Report Error

Rachael Henderson
SSN: 111-22-3333
9876 Carmen Way
Fairfield, VA, 94533

February 1, 2020

ABC Credit Bureau
Address of ABC Credit Bureau
City, State, Zip Code

REF: Account or Report Number

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to dispute an item on my credit report. I have enclosed a copy of my credit report with the incorrect information circled. 

It states that I was more than 30 days late with a mortgage payment to LENDER’S NAME for January 1, 2020 of $500. My account number with this LENDER’S NAME is 00000. This payment was not late, and I have enclosed a copy of the receipt for the payment with the date in March that proves the payment was made on time. 

With this error on my credit report, my credit score has gone down, and this is adversely affecting my effort to buy a new car. I would appreciate it if you would correct this as soon as possible and send me a corrected copy of my credit report and credit rating number.

I can be reached at 555 123 4567 or at if you would like further clarification.

Thank you for attending to this. 

Rachael Henderson
List of enclosures

Sample 2 – Letter To Dispute Credit Report Error

<pstyle=”font-style: normal;”=””>Karen Schmidt SSN: 111-22-3333 612 Decker Ridge St. Louis, Missouri, 63129</pstyle=”font-style:>

January 28, 2020

XYZ Credit Bureau 
Address of XYZ Credit Bureau
City, State, Zip Code

REF: Account or Report Number

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is a formal dispute of the information on my credit report that my car payment to Name of Lender for the month of MONTH of AMOUNT was 30 days late. 

Enclosed is my cancelled check for that payment as well as my bank statements for the three months prior to the date and three months after the date. It is clearly shown in the statements that my payment was not late. 

Please correct this mistake as soon as possible on my credit report and send me an updated copy when the information is correct.

Thank you for your quick attention to this matter.


Karen Schmidt

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