Writing a Good Customer Service Cover Letter (with Sample)

A well-written cover letter is a vital part of any job application. In fact, it’s the very first thing employers usually see when they start to evaluate you. Therefore, it needs to be very well written, free of mistakes, and highlight you in the best manner possible.

If you’ve never written a cover letter before it can be somewhat challenging and even overwhelming. The following tips will help you create the ideal cover letter that will hopefully attract the attention of hiring managers and therefore put you in a better position to land more job interviews and ultimately get a great job.

cover letter needs to stand out

It’s crucial to write a cover letter that stands out, especially if you intend to work in customer service. The hiring manager is probably going to receive countless cover letters by other people who are trying to win the exact same position.

Luckily, there are many clever ways and ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Be Direct And Get Straight To The Point

Hiring managers of large, successful companies are extremely busy people. Therefore, when they receive the cover letter of an applicant, they tend to quickly scan the letter for the most relevant information available.

That’s why you need to create a memorable cover letter that clearly emphasizes all your key qualifications. Overall, the goal is make the hiring manager walk away with a good impression of both you and your skills and make them want to contact you for an interview.

2. Highlight Your Most Valuable Skills

If you were in the shoes of the hiring manager, what would you be looking for in the ideal candidate for the job? If you’ve worked a number of years in the customer service field, you’ll obviously want to point that out.

Also, mention any experience or unique skills that you may have that were mentioned in the job ad of the company. Always express your genuine passion and enthusiasm for the job.

3. Try To Be Interesting

Any experienced hiring manager can smell a generic cover letter the minute they lay eyes on it, which is why it’s crucial to customize every letter you write regarding that particular company.

Determine the name of the hiring manager rather than simply addressing them by ‘sir’ or ‘madam’, or ‘to whom it may concern’. If a hiring manager sees their own name in the greeting they’re likely to pay closer attention to the contents of the letter rather than tossing it aside into a pile of other similar letters.

Be sure to include the name of the company in addition to why you want to work with them. Hiring managers are seeking people who can offer a great deal to their organization. Tell them what you can bring to the table in terms of great service.

4. Proofread Your Cover Letter For Any Mistakes

You may be a person with vast experience and stellar qualifications in the customer service field. But, if your cover letter is full of grammar mistakes and typos, what message is this sending to the hiring manager?

Spelling and grammar errors in a cover letter, especially one that’s targeting a position in customer service, indicate that the applicant is very sloppy and careless. This is not acceptable in the eyes of any hiring manager.

Here is an outline of a well-written, properly formatted customer service cover letter that you can modify to suit your own needs. Be sure to include all aspects that will put you in the best possible light and highlight all your valuable skills and qualifications.

Customer Service Cover Letter Sample

Jane Smith
123 North Lane
Belmont, Georgia 67393
(673) 343-9836

February 13, 2022

Mr. John Stabler
Human Resources Manager
XYZ Company
444 Park Lane
Belmont, Georgia 67393

Dear Mr. John Stabler, 

I am writing you to let you know how interested I am in the customer service job your company recently posted. I strongly believe I possess all the necessary skill sets and qualifications in order to successfully perform the requirements of the position being offered. 

As you can clearly see from my enclosed resume, I have vast experience working as a customer service specialist. 

When I worked for ABC Company, I was in charge of monitoring, tracking, reviewing, and processing various information related to both marketing and accounting. 

My position required solid organizational skills along with a comprehensive analytical approach to solving problems. Over time, I developed great interpersonal communication skills as well as how to deal with difficult customers. 

My in-depth knowledge of the key tools, resources, and procedures that are necessary to effectively manage such a diverse and extensive customer base has allowed me to successfully incorporate key strategies in order to maintain excellent customer support services. 

I am a passionate and highly motivated individual who believes that customer satisfaction is priority number one. 

I am confident that I can serve as a great asset to your organization and make a strong contribution to its overall growth. I would be grateful to have an opportunity to meet you face-to-face to discuss my vast skills sets. 

Please contact me at your earliest convenience by email or phone in order to schedule a date and time to meet. 

Thank you very much for considering me and taking the time to review my credentials. I look forward to speaking and meeting with you very soon. 


(sign your name here)
Jane Smith

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