Writing a Flood Insurance Claim Letter for Damaged Goods [Free Sample]

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Rising waters and flood damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Most homeowner, who has flood insurance, will want to make a claim.

While all insurance companies don’t have flood coverage, usually a separate policy is purchased in areas where flood waters are a risk. 

While some insurance companies can take a claim over the phone, an insurance claim letter is always the best way to go. 

Sure you can call, but a letter can say much more and include valuable pictures. This letter needs to contain specific information about the incident, and when it occurred. All this is valuable and necessary to a claim. 

Formal Letter

Since this is a formal letter, make sure it is appropriately set up. A block style format should be observed. 

The name and address of the claimant, followed by the date and then the name and address of the insurance company should always be on the left hand side.

A subject line would also be appropriate in this type of correspondence. Unless you know someone personally at the insurance company, you will probably need to address it with a general “To Whom It May Concern,” or a “Dear Sir/Madam.”

First Paragraph

Start the first paragraph by telling them why you are writing. As a matter of fact, make sure this is in the first sentence. You want to make sure your needs are specified loud and clear.

You need to be very specific in your writing and make sure to not leave out any details. If the carpet in the basement is ruined, say so. Specify the date the incident happened and the event that triggered it. 

Are there other homes in the area directly affected? Make sure to put as much info as you can in the first paragraph.

Giving background information is always helpful to an adjuster. Did you call in an extraction company?

Many people call in extraction services before they call the insurance company. These companies can remove the water and do their best to save furniture and carpet.

Make sure to specify any methods used to try to save the items. Don’t leave out problems with drywall, electric and other critical items. These are of the up-most importance.

Just because you got the water out of an item, doesn’t mean the problems will stop. Oftentimes, mold will set into areas that have had severe water damage.

Encourage The Insurance Company

Make sure the tone of the letter is friendly. Give information that is necessary to the claim, like account numbers, who the policy’s name is under etc.

Also state what you believe your policy limits are, if known. Encourage the company to clear the matter up quickly.

Give them an invitation to call or contact you as soon as possible. This letter, along with picture evidence, is a great way to get the ball rolling on your claim.

The sooner you contact the insurance company, the sooner you can have your damages repaired. End your letter with a formal conclusion and contact information.

Sample Flood Insurance Claim Letter

Cherie Logan
4027 Beach House Rd.
Camden, FL 43267

February 15, 2022

Statewide Insurance Company
1100 Kleenex Park
Ranch, FL 43223

RE: Flood Insurance Coverage

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing to report flood damage that occurred to my home on February 6, 2022. During the overnight hours, a fierce storm swept through our area.  

These torrential downpours flooded our basement and ruined our carpeting, drywall and some of our furniture.

There were many homes affected in our area. We called in a professional extraction company to try to save as much of our stuff as we could, however they were not successful due to the amount of damage.

Some of the electrical outlets and switches are not working in this affected area. Since the costs of these repairs are significant, we need to make a claim against our policy.

Our policy number is 459FGT903K. It is my understanding we have $10,000 in flood insurance with a $500 deductible.

I want to clear this matter up quickly. Please contact me at the earliest convenience to set up a time for an adjustor to come out and view the damaged areas.

I can be reached anytime on my cell phone at, 123-209-8790. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Cherie Logan

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