Sample Letter of Leave of Absence from Work

Usually, there comes a time in most people’s lives, when they must take a leave from their jobs. With or without pay, these sabbaticals are used for various reasons. 

Whether this is due to a health related issue, maternity leave, or the sickness of another person in the family, this time away is often a big issue for employers.

There are FMLA laws that protect people and allow a worker who has been employed for 18 months. 

These federal helps allow a person to take up to 12 weeks off from their job, and they can still be able to maintain their current position.

Make Arrangements

Whether looking for three months off the clock, or just a few weeks, the employer must allow the employees this benefit. This means that they must make arrangements to replace this worker, while they are on leave. 

The best way to let an employer know that time off is needed is to write a letter. The letter leave of absence letter is dreaded by most employers, but it’s a part of regular business. 

Today, these letters can be sent by email easier than by postal mail. If it is being sent by email, the letter has a bit less of the formality of regular letter. 

The important thing to remember about typing correspondence of this kind, is to try to give as much notice to the employer as possible. Keep the tone friendly and leave on good terms. 

With some employers, they are going to be upset regardless, but the law will protect in some cases. If the leave is not for medical of oneself or someone in their home, there will be no legal backing for the leave, and thus the employer has the right to deny the request.

Law Dictates

To write this type of letter, remember that the law dictates how much an employer is required to ask. They cannot delve too deep into a personal history. 

While they will need to know that their employee has a legitimate reason for asking a leave of absence, they don’t have the right to ask personal questions.

For example, they can be notified that a person is having surgery, but they don’t need to know what kind of surgery. A woman doesn’t have to tell them that she is having augmentation, at the risk of embarrassment.

When constructing the letter, remember that the employee is under no obligation to tell embarrassing details of their lives. 

If a doctor is involved, attach a copy of their recommendations to the letter. This will answer any questions they might have and can be helpful. 

Be Upfront And Honest

If a person wishes to be upfront and honest with their employer, this is up to them. They are under no legal obligation to do so. 

This protects those who may be having an elective procedure, or things that are private in nature. So, armed with the need, gather the information necessary.

A person needs to know the exact dates and if there is any vacation time they are going to be using. 

Also be sure to include or copy the letter to the human resource department and any supervisors that need to be kept abreast of the situation. 

Here is a sample letter from a medical leave of absence. It can be tailored to whatever the need.

sample letter of leave of absence from work

January 6, 2020

Wolverine Supplies
89 Kendall Street
Vargas, ND 74569

Dear Mr. Jayson,

As you are well aware, I have been having health problems. Though many methods have been explored for how to correct the problem, surgery is inevitable.

The reconstructive surgery on my knee will require a lengthy absence from work. I am so sorry that I have to do this to you, but I am going to have to take the full 12 weeks allowed with FMLA.

My doctor has filled out the request form, which I got from HR. I have attached this to this letter to begin the process.

In an effort to be fair to a company that I enjoy working for, I am allowing you a month’s notice to make other arrangements for my position.

My surgery is scheduled for February 16th. I can work until the 15th of February, to ensure that there is adequate coverage.

If you need me to train anyone to cover my position, or to wrap up some business matters, I would be more than willing. I anticipate that my return will be May 21st, 2020.

While this is just an estimate, I want you to be prepared. I hope to return before this time and to retain my rightful position.

I appreciate your consideration in this matter. You have always been great to work for through the years and I know you will understand that this is something that must be done. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.


Tatum G. Clark

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