Writing a Fundraising Letter for Nonprofits [Free Sample]

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Some of the most challenging letters to write are fundraising letters. When asking someone for money, it is especially important to avoid coming across as insulting. This rule is especially true for corporate and personal letters soliciting donations.

Donations provide a significant portion of the funding for non-profit organizations. As a result, it’s critical to establish and maintain a positive relationship with potential contributors. In the letter, it is critical to convey the correct message. It is critical to make a strong first impression.

The Stationery And Every Little Detail

The person who receives a fundraising letter will examine it carefully. The sort of paper on which it is printed is one of the first things they will notice. 

A successful organization, one to which they feel compelled to support, will utilize high-quality stationery and always have a professional letterhead. 

They’ll also notice if the letter was penned by hand or printed by a computer. With potential donors, paying close attention to the smallest details can go a long way.

People are more inclined to donate money to an organization that takes the time to handwrite a fundraising letter, according to statistics. 

It not only gives a more professional appearance, but it also provides a sense of personalization. A business should never send a letter without using letterhead. Always use a classic tri-fold and a fresh white envelope for your letters.

How The Letter Should Be Written:

It’s time to draft the letter once you’ve paid close attention to every detail. A suitable salutation should always be used at the start and finish of the letter. The individual in charge of donations may not be known in some cases, therefore it will need to be addressed accordingly. If the name of the person in charge of donations is available, the letter should be sent to them along with their official title.

Put a little background information on the company in the body of the letter as you’re writing it. A brief history will be requested by the potential donor in order to determine whether or not they are comfortable donating to the cause.

Don’t Go Overboard

Don’t go overboard and describe the complete history; instead, go over the history of this not-for-profit organization succinctly. Ensure that this is stated in the first paragraph. 

Before asking extra help, be sure to mention whether this company or person has previously donated to thank them for their earlier contributions.

It’s time to get down to business now that the required protocol for this type of letter has been followed. Tell the person what is required and why. Tell them what they will be used for if donations are required, such as food and clothing.

If funds are required, some people choose to include a dollar sum in the letter to let their contributors know what they are aiming for. 

Also, remind them of the tax benefits they will receive as a result of their donation. Hand-sign the letter, using proper titles. For more information, please view the sample below.

Sample Fundraising Letter For Non Profit

January 15, 2022

George Hoffman
Hoffman Construction Company
1234 Simian Lane
Huntington, WV 26520

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I’m writing on behalf of Charity Works, a local non-profit that assists homeless persons in Huntington, West Virginia. I’m hoping to urge you to make a donation to an organization that is always willing to provide a helpful hand by composing this letter. You can join the many people who have already volunteered to assist us in our important work in the area.

I’d like to introduce you to Charity Works. We are a major organization dedicated to providing meals and basic hygiene goods to homeless people. When we are able, we make every effort to provide them with refuge.

We are able to help the less fortunate fulfill some of their basic necessities thanks to the kind donations of people and businesses like you. This year, we’re taking a different approach and wish to assist homeless children with their schooling. If your company can provide $1,000, it will help us meet our $20,000 community target.

You can also sponsor two children at the Huntington Elementary School if you so desire. Your gift will assist a less fortunate youngster have a brighter future. Checks should be mailed to the address shown below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further inquiries. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Gesell Scott
Charity Works
2345 Barber Rd.
Huntington, WV 26541

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