Say Thank You in Style: Writing a Great Award Recognition Letter

Every employee wishes to be recognized for their efforts. For most businesses, it’s the difference between a good and a lousy employee. A worker who receives praise and gratitude for a job well done is more likely to perform well than one who does not receive positive reinforcement.

promote healthy competition

This gesture will not be in vain if a boss steps out and tells an employee that they are respected and performing a wonderful job. It encourages healthy rivalry among employees while also ensuring that they feel valued.

Some businesses have introduced employee appreciation initiatives to assist raise employee morale. Many people claim it does all of this and more. When employee morale is raised, productivity rises, and people are driven to do more and better work.

One of the simplest methods for a company to let an employee know they are valued is to send them a simple appreciation letter. The letter might be a formal declaration as well as an announcement of a bonus, gift, or other mark of gratitude. 

The letter doesn’t have to be fancy or formal; it only needs to express how much the organization values the employee’s work ethic.

Why Write The Award Recognition Letter?

Some employers may wonder why they are required to write such a letter. When a corporation employs hundreds of people, employees begin to feel like numbers rather than valuable contributors.

When someone goes above and beyond to accomplish a good job, or when they work on a project that succeeds, it’s crucial to recognize them and let them know how well they did. They will continue to do what they did well in the future since they have realized what they did well.

If an employer takes the time to inform an employee how well they are doing, they may be confident that the person will continue to work well and even push themselves a little harder. Something about an increase in self-esteem appears to push everyone and motivate them to work harder.

The letter of recognition does not have to be long or drawn out. It can be succinct and to-the-point, composed in a matter of minutes. 

This small amount of time taken out of a busy boss’s day will go a long way toward keeping staff pleased. It also has a positive impact on employee retention. The majority of people want to stay in places where they are valued.

What To Put In The Letter?

Begin each letter with the words “Dear” and the employee’s first name. Don’t make it too stuffy and official. Instead of using the formal “Mrs. Smith,” say “Dear Carole.” 

Remember that the purpose is to show the employee that they are valued, therefore beginning with their name is a nice touch. It appears less like a standard letter and more personable as a result.

The first sentence should mention that the company has taken notice of their efforts and that they are grateful for the work completed. 

These letters are more of a formality, despite the fact that they are universal. The gift or bonus will be the element that most people remember the most.

If applicable, keep the focus on their qualities rather than the present. It is preferable to make the letter personal in nature in order to achieve the purpose. Make sure it’s genuine and full of praise and encouragement. 

Even if it’s a normal company form letter, make sure you personalize it by changing portions to make it relevant to the person. Here’s an example of an award acceptance letter.

Sample Award Recognition Letter

May 27, 2022

Mary Beavers
9012 Comanche Way
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

Dear Mary,

We understand how easy it is to get lost in the shuffle at a firm with over 2,000 people. However, we’d want to express our gratitude for the fantastic presentation you gave our advertising department today.

This meeting clearly demonstrates that you completed your homework. You are quite knowledgeable about our products and processes, and you did an excellent job.

We were able to close a transaction with a new company because of your hard work, but you also helped the company make money.

A bonus check in the amount of $2,000 has been enclosed. While I realize it isn’t much, we like to recognize individuals that go above and beyond what is expected of them.

I’d like to thank you personally for being a team player and keeping this project on track. Wellman’s exceptional reputation in the business is based on having devoted professionals like yourself on board.

Your innovative ideas, ability to execute new processes, and adaptability are exactly what our organization requires in a leader. We’ll keep an eye on your success and hope to see you at Wellman Corporation for larger and better things in the future.


Ivan Wellman
Wellman Corporation