Nurse Resignation Letter [Free Samples]

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A nurse’s resignation letter informs a medical department that they are leaving their position. The nurse should try to give the medical department as much time as possible to replace them. 

In most healthcare settings, 4-8 weeks is the recommended time frame. Use our sample nurse resignation letters as templates for your impressive resignation letter. 

sample 1 – Nurse Resignation Letter

[Julia Weissburg]
[7303 Reinhardt St. Apt 212]
[Elmhurst, IL 60126]

[May 13, 2022]

[Dr. Brian Cody, MD]
[2313 Stetson Ave.]
[Elmhurst, IL 60126]

Dear [Dr. Cody],

I regret to inform you that I must resign from my position as a [staff nurse] at [Cody Health Clinic] effective [June 30th, 2022]. 

While I have valued the time I have spent as an employee of [Cody Health Clinic], I have been offered another position with a higher salary. In the current economy, I cannot in good conscience turn down such an opportunity. 

I greatly appreciate your professionalism and the knowledge I’ve gained while working with you in the past, and I hope someday we might be able to work together again.


[Julia Weissburg]

sample 2 – Nurse Resignation Letter For Family Reasons

Susan Holmes
Nurse Practitioner

987 Crazy Legs Avenue, Apt. 34 
Los Angles, CA, 91054 

January 17, 2022

Linda Lester
HR Manager
XYZ Hospital
90000 Health Care Road
Los Angles, CA, 91054

Dear Ms. Lester, 

This letter is a formal notification that I will be resigning from Nurse Practitioner in XYZ Hospital on March 17th. 

My reason for resigning at this time is to take care of serious family issues that only I can resolve. I will not be able to work during that time. 

Since I am giving one month’s notice, I will be able to assist in finding and training a replacement. I will faithfully fulfill my responsibilities until March 17th

I have had great job satisfaction working at XYZ Hospital and appreciate your understanding at this trying time. 

If there is anything I can do even after I leave to further any projects, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I can be reached at 325-639-1234 or


Susan Holmes
Letter of resignation