Score the Teacher Assistant Job with a Strong Introduction Letter

Writing an introduction letter can sometimes replace submitting a resume and cover letter In fact, some employers prefer this kind of application instead. 

It’s considered an excellent way to evaluate the written communication skills of applicants and determine whose overall expertise and background is best suited for the available position. 

Therefore, you should focus on your writing aptitude skills along with how you present your expert qualifications when writing your introduction letter. 

1. Research the company you want to work for. 

Take the time to research the company you are submitting your application to and figure out the name of the addressee.

Ideally, it’s best to address an official letter of introduction or any other kind of business correspondence to an actual person rather than just writing ‘To whom it may concern’.

Search for industry reports, journal articles, and press releases about the organization in order to learn anything you can about what they do, its current challenges, and any future goals of the business. 

2. Keep a copy of your resume. 

Be sure to keep a copy of your resume so you can easily reference your work experience, history, qualifications, and skills.

Because your letter of introduction is essentially a combination of your resume and cover letter, by including your past experience, qualifications, and skills, it will enhance your viability as a good running candidate for the position.

3. List your work history, skills, and qualifications.

List your past work history in detail. If you’re not presently employed, begin with the most recent job you had and work backwards to your earliest places of employment.

If you’re not working right now, you can deal with that later on when you talk about your availability. For now, the most important issue is to identify your qualifications and skills that you can offer the company.

4. Provide a brief explanation of your job duties. 

Make a note of your professional achievements for every position you’ve had in the past. Along with a short explanation of your past job duties, hiring managers want information regarding your current successes and capabilities as well. 

For instance, if you have a high-demanding skill, be sure you state that in your introduction letter. 

5. Explain why you’re a good fit for the company based on your qualifications. 

Express why you think your particular qualifications and skill sets would make a good fit for the position you’re applying for. This is where doing your homework really pays off.

Go over the notes you created form doing research concerning the company’s status or any other challenges that the company is now dealing with, including struggles in entering a global market because of language barriers or differences in culture. 

Therefore, you can describe your language skills along with how they can benefit the organization when approaching different markets. 

6. Let them know that you’re available. 

Let the company know that you’re available anytime for an interview and that you can accept the position immediately if you’re not presently working. 

Many employers who need help as soon as possible often prioritize those applicants for whom they can quickly process. 

Also, if you’re applying for a position that requires you to relocate or be mobile in any way, make sure you state that aspect in your letter as well. 

7. Express your interest in working for their organization. 

In the last paragraph of your letter of introduction, express your keen interest in working for their company and thank them for considering you. 

End the letter by letting them know that you’re available for an interview anytime. Disclose your contact information along with your preferred contact method. 

The following is an example of a well-written introduction letter for an available teacher assistant job at a local elementary school:

Sample 1 – Letter Of Introduction For Teacher Assistant Job

May 30, 2022

Mr. John Smith
Hiring Manager
ABC Elementary School
123 South Street
Rockton, Alabama 54321

Dear Mr. John Smith:

I am writing you to let you know about my keen interest in an available teacher assistant position at ABC Elementary School. My dedication and strong enthusiasm makes me the ideal candidate to fulfill the position. 

Teaching has always been more than just a profession for me, it’s essentially my passion. Molding impressionable young minds is a great honor, and teaching is the only real profession that allows this important privilege. 

Upon getting my associate degree in education, I previously worked for 8 months at ABC Elementary School as part of my internship. 

Therefore, I already know a little bit about the curriculum and like the overall atmosphere of the school as well. I’ve always been drawn to both learning and teaching and feel compelled to share my knowledge with young people who are eager to learn. 

During my internship, I subsequently developed an expert skill in lesson planning and how to evaluate children as well as how to effectively control a classroom. I feel my overall disciplinary nature is a great asset to this type of profession. 

It would be my honor and extreme pleasure to talk to you in detail about the position being offered. 

You may contact me at (123) 444-1234 anytime to schedule an interview. I want to thank you in advance for considering me for the position. 


Madison McCarthy

Sample 2 – Letter Of Introduction For Teacher assistant Job

Name of Applicant
Address of Applicant
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Human Resource Administrator
Name of School
Address of School
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Name of Human Resource Administrator:

It has been brought to my attention by my sister-in-law, Name of Sister-in-law, who teaches six grade math in your school that there is an opening for a teacher assistant in your esteemed school. 

I would like to submit my application for this position. Your school has been designated an eco-friendly environment by the state, and I would like to participate in and contribute to your environmental programs.

Currently, I am working as a lab assistant in Name of Agriculture Company. I have been employed there for the past five years. Prior to that, I was a teacher assistant in Name of School for three years. 

Teaching is my passion, and I would like to go back to teaching science. I took the lab job while my husband was still in law school because it paid more, but he is working with a law firm now, and I would like teach again.

I believe that the study of life forms is essential for children today in order for them to understand the impact that global warming has on the Earth. During my years at Name of Agricultural Company, I participated in several projects for preserving eco systems, and sustainable farming.

I am certified to teach in this state. I believe I can make a positive contribution to your school as well as on the minds and hearts of my students.

My resume is enclosed. I would welcome an interview at your earliest convenience. You can reach me at Phone Number or at Email Address.

Thank you for your time considering my application.


Signature of Applicant
Printed Name of Applicant
List of Enclosures: Resume