Writing a Proposal Letter for Tree Planting (Free Sample)

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By switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, recycling your trash, and reducing your energy consumption, many people have made their homes more ecologically friendly. The next step might be to support the community by planting trees in the city, the suburbs, or even on farmland. 

A tree planting initiative has been organized by communities, nonprofit organizations, and other groups. Making a tree planting proposal comes after choosing the planting location in the first phase.

coordinated effort

A coordinated effort on the part of people to plant more trees could replace the trees that are being removed from the earth at an alarming rate. In addition to contributing to clean air and temperature regulation, trees also enhance community beauty. 

In some cities, trees that were planted more than 100 years ago need to be replaced since they have completed their life cycle. A few are also lost due to storm or drought damage.

There may be a few things that a Boy Scout troop, religious organization, senior class, or other group of people need to think about before planting trees.

choosing a location for the planting 

After choosing a location for the planting, the team should locate the property’s owner and request their consent before planting any trees. The necessity for interaction with many property owners is possible.

There can be pre requisites, including the quantity of trees being planted. Based on the environment, some people might want a particular quantity and variety of trees, such as 10 trees in a park, 50 fruit trees in a vacant lot, or 100 conifers in a forest. 

ensure the survival of the seedlings

To ensure the survival of the seedlings, those who plant the trees might also need to commit to a maintenance schedule for one to three years following planting.

The scope and nature of the planned project should be described in the opening paragraph of a letter proposing tree planting. It might also include the project’s location, such as planting trees in a street’s vacant median or on the swath of ground between the sidewalk and the street. 

When the group provides the labor, some cities will provide the trees. It is advised that the proposal give some background information, including local history, on the area being planted. The group should also discuss why they believe the initiative is important.

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If the project appears to be beneficial for the area, there is a better chance it will be granted. The objectives of the project should be clearly stated in a bullet list that states:

  • The explicit objectives
  • Implicit objectives
  • Consequential objectives

A detailed process for completing the project should be provided in the proposal. It should be made clear whether the organization needs to recruit additional volunteers for the task. 

End Of The Project

If a grand opening is planned for the end of the project, this should be mentioned. The project’s resources and the group’s strategy for obtaining them should both be listed. The project’s timeline should also be specified.

Here is a sample letter proposing the planting of trees. It is an official letter and need to be formatted as such. It should be written to the person who might be able to approve the request, like a mayor or a member of the city council. If a private party owns the property, they must also grant their consent.

tree planting proposal Letter sample

Your Name 
Name of High School
Address of High School
City, State, Zip Code

Name of Relevant Person
Title of Relevant Person
Address of Relevant Person
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Proposal for Planting Trees at ADDRESS

Dear Name of Relevant Person:

The Freshman Class of Name of High School, YEAR, formally requests that 20 trees be planted in the vacant property at [ADDRESS] in the form of this letter. The group wants to improve the surroundings around the lot that is close to the high school. 

The site has been empty for the past 15 years and has turned into a garbage dump. The land is owned by the city.

Our class proposes to:

  • Clear all the trash from the lot
  • Prepare the ground for planting
  • Plant 20 trees of different species
  • Water and maintain the trees for the next three years

After the students have removed all the trash, [Name of Business], whose owner is the father of one of the students, will have his workers prepare the ground for planting.

Each student has a shovel and a spade. The donation of the trees from [Name of City] will be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, the community will provide 20 trees to us. 

In order to finish the project in time for the summer break, we would like to begin it in early June of this year. I may be contacted by phone or email if you need any additional information.

Thank you for your consideration of the Tree Planting Proposal.


Your Name