Writing a Rebuttal Letter to Your Employer [Free Sample]

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There are several reasons you may want to write a rebuttal letter to your employer. The most common reasons are for a poor performance review, an accusation of a policy violation or wrongful termination.

Before considering sending a letter, it’s important for you to gain control of your emotions, calm down and regain clear-headedness before writing a well-though-out rebuttal letter that clearly explains their position.

It is also important that the appraisal or disciplinary action be unfair. If the negative job appraisal is true, such as your sales figures have fallen in the past 12 months, or you systematically broken office rules, there is no point in sending a rebuttal letter. It will make you look like an inflexible and argumentative troublemaker. 

Research The Company Procedures

The first thing you should do is research the company procedures for disputing a performance appraisal or other accusation. 

If you can’t find the policy, you can ask the human resources department for the proper steps for filing a rebuttal. Many companies and organizations have procedures that need to be followed in order for the rebuttal to be taken seriously. 

This may include a time frame for submitting a rebuttal and a list of people in the company or organization that should get a copy. If possible, the employee should get the rebuttal procedure in writing. 

You should review labor laws to see if the employer engaged in improper behavior in the disciplinary action against you.

You should gather documents that provide proof of your position such as previous positive performance appraisals, positive disciplinary statements, a list of successfully completed projects and any commendations.

These documents will support your side of the appraisal. The letter should list specific points in the evaluation that are being rebutted. These may include job skills, attendance, interpersonal relationships and performance.

An effective rebuttal letter should:

  • Be brief, clearly presented and accurate
  • Acknowledge any positive comments mentioned in the evaluation
  • Not be accusatory or negative in tone
  • Mention any past or future positive interaction with the evaluator
  • Acknowledge suggestions given
  • Have no grammar or spelling mistakes
  • Request that the rebuttal be attached to the original evaluation

The following is an example of a rebuttal letter. It should be written in a formal business letter style and sent via certified mail so that the sender knows it was received. 

After writing the letter, it is advised that you wait a day before sending it. This will enable you to confirm that the letter doesn’t use inflammatory language or make the recipient uncomfortable.

Sample Rebuttal Letter To Your Employer

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Dear Employer’s Name,

This letter is an official response to your appraisal of my work performance on [DATE]. I appreciate that you recognized my dedication to [Name of Company] and acknowledged my energy and excitement for my work.

My sales numbers have decreased in the last 12 months compared to the same period last year, as you noted in my review. This is correct, and I agree. 

However, because I was in the hospital for one month last year and had to rehabilitate with physical therapy for the next two months, my sales figures decreased because I was only able to work for nine months. 

This, I believe, should be noted in my review as well. A letter from my doctor and a copy of my hospital record are provided.

The evaluation currently reads as though I didn’t work as hard throughout the previous 12 months, which was just not the case. 

When my sales figures are compared to the same period last year, it is evident that this year’s figures are greater. 

I’d like to have the cause for my sales figures dropping in the last 12 months factored into my appraisal. I humbly request that this letter be submitted to my official job appraisal if a new review that fairly portrays my work is not issued.

I genuinely care about the goods I’m selling for [business name] and like my profession. 

I’ll keep trying my hardest, and I’m open to any recommendations you may have. I would be happy to meet with you to address the matter, and I am hopeful that this problem may be handled.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Your Name
List of enclosures: medical reports

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