Reconsideration Letter: How To Draft It Right!

Use our sample reconsideration letter as a template for your letter.

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Receiving a job offer is an exciting experience, but sometimes the terms or conditions presented might not align with your expectations. 

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In such cases, rather than declining the offer outright, you may wish to negotiate or ask the employer to reconsider certain aspects of the offer. To do this effectively, you’ll need to compose a respectful and persuasive email.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write an email to reconsider a rejected job offer:

1. Choose an Appropriate Subject Line

Your subject line should be clear and direct, indicating the purpose of your email. For example:

  • “Reconsideration of [Job Title] Offer”
  • “Request to Discuss [Job Title] Position Offer”
  • “Further Discussion on [Job Title] Offer”

2. Begin with a Formal Salutation

Always address the recipient formally, using their title and last name, unless you’ve developed a more casual rapport during the interview process.

  • “Dear Mr. Smith,”
  • “Hello Ms. Johnson,”

3. Express Gratitude

Start the email by thanking the employer for the opportunity. Express your appreciation for their consideration and the time they took to interview you.

  • “I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for offering me the [Job Title] position.”

4. State Your Request

Clearly and concisely state your reason for writing the email.

  • “I am writing to discuss some aspects of the job offer that have led to my initial hesitation.”

5. Detail Your Concerns

List out your concerns or the aspects of the offer you wish to negotiate. Be specific and clear, whether it’s about the salary, benefits, work hours, or other terms. Remember to remain polite and avoid sounding demanding.

  • “While I am eager to join the team, I had some reservations about the initial salary offered.”

6. Provide Justification

Support your concerns with valid reasons or data. For instance, if you’re negotiating salary, you can mention industry standards, your experience, or any research you’ve done on competitive salaries for the position.

  • “Based on my research and considering my experience in the industry, a more competitive salary for this role in our location would be in the range of [specific amount].”

7. Reiterate Your Enthusiasm

Reaffirm your interest in the position and the company, and express your belief that you can make a significant contribution.

  • “I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to work with [Company Name] and believe that I can bring substantial value to the team.”

8. Propose a Follow-Up

Suggest a follow-up discussion, whether it’s a phone call or an in-person meeting, to discuss the offer in detail.

  • “I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further, either over a call or in person, at a time that’s convenient for you.”

9. Close the Email Formally

Thank your recipient for their understanding and consideration.

  • “Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response.”
  • “Warm regards, [Your Name]”

10. Proofread

Before sending the email, review it for any typos, grammatical errors, or areas that could be clarified. If possible, ask someone you trust to read it over and provide feedback.

Additional Tips:

  • Be Flexible: While you’re bringing up your concerns, also show that you’re open to compromise. This demonstrates your willingness to collaborate and find a solution that benefits both parties.
  • Stay Professional: Avoid using overly emotional language or making personal pleas. Stick to factual and professional tones.
  • Respond Promptly: If the employer replies to your email, respond in a timely manner, showing them that you value and respect their time.

Sample Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer

Subject: Reconsideration of [Job Title] Offer

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

First and foremost, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for offering me the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity and the time you and the team have invested in getting to know me during the interview process.

I am writing to discuss a few aspects of the job offer that I believe might be revisited for mutual benefit. While I am truly excited about the role and the potential to contribute to [Company Name], I had some reservations regarding the initial salary package presented.

Based on my research and given my experience and expertise in [specific skills or domain], the industry standard for this position in our region is typically in the range of [specific amount]. I understand there are various factors at play when determining compensation, but I would be more comfortable if we could discuss the possibility of adjusting the offer closer to this range.

I genuinely believe that joining [Company Name] would be a significant step in my career, and I am enthusiastic about the projects and challenges that lie ahead. My primary goal is to ensure that we reach terms that reflect the value I am confident I can bring to the team.

Would it be possible for us to schedule a call or meeting to discuss this further? I am eager to find a solution that aligns with both our expectations.

Thank you for your understanding and taking the time to reconsider. I truly value the opportunity and am hopeful we can find common ground.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the purpose of sending an “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer”? 

Answer: The purpose of sending an “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer” is to communicate a change of mind or circumstances that leads a candidate to want to accept a previously declined job offer. It can also serve to reopen discussions or negotiations surrounding the job offer.

Q: Is it professional to send an “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer”? 

Answer: Sending an “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer” can be seen as professional if done with genuine reasons and in a respectful manner. However, frequent changes of mind or reasons that seem insincere can be perceived as unprofessional. It’s essential to be transparent and articulate about the reasons for the change of decision.

Q: What should be included in an “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer”?

Answer: An “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer” should include:

  1. A respectful greeting and address to the appropriate contact person.
  2. An acknowledgment of the previous communication where the job offer was rejected.
  3. Clear reasons for reconsideration.
  4. A request to reopen discussions or to confirm if the position is still available.
  5. An expression of gratitude for the initial offer and understanding for any inconvenience caused.

Q: Is there a guarantee that an employer will reconsider a previously rejected offer? 

Answer: No, there’s no guarantee that an employer will reconsider a previously rejected offer. The decision is at the discretion of the employer, and factors such as the availability of the position, the impression left by the candidate, and the company’s policies can influence the outcome.

Q: How long should one wait before sending an “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer”? 

Answer: It’s advisable to send an “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer” as soon as the candidate realizes their change of mind. Waiting too long might reduce the chances of the position still being available.

Q: What if the employer does not respond to the “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer”? 

Answer: If an employer doesn’t respond to the “Email to Reconsider a Rejected Job Offer”, the candidate should respect their decision and move forward. It’s important to remember that there could be various reasons for a lack of response, including the position being filled by another candidate.