Writing a Reconsideration Letter for a Job [with Sample]

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When a person is faced with rejection after applying for a job, college admission, a visa or for permission to do something, he or she may feel that the rejection is unfair. 

The admission, job or permission may be crucial to their life or livelihood and they need to have the request reconsidered. 

If they are not willing to accept the rejection, they have the right to send a reconsideration letter to convince the college, company or organization to review their unfavorable decision and change it to a favorable one.

Make The Letter Effective

In order to make the letter effective, it must contain evidence that the candidate is suited for the job or position.  

For example, if the candidate applied for a teaching job, he or she should mention academic qualification, extensive experience in the teaching field and any extra qualification such as research or travel that enhances their resume.

call the college or company

The candidate may call the college or company and ask to whom a reconsideration letter should be addressed.

If he or she does not want to alert the company that they are planning to send the letter, they can address the letter to the person who signed their rejection letter. 

They should not use familiarity and first names or informal titles, and it should be to the point and concise and no more than one page.

Use A Confident Tone

The letter should have a confident tone that conveys the message of competence, but it should not sound indignant about being rejected or complaining. 

The letter should contain logical arguments as to why the candidate should be reconsidered for the job. 

There is no place for an emotional appeal or hearsay. For example, it should not describe any mental anguish or depression at receiving the rejection letter.

Open With A Reminder Of The Candidate

The letter should open with a reminder of the candidate, the position he or she applied for and the date on which the interview was conducted. 

They should also mention the date they received the rejection letter. After their identification is established, they can mention their qualifications.

The next paragraph should clearly state the reason for the letter. For example, it may say the reason they are writing is to ask for reconsideration of their qualifications for the particular position or admission. 

If the candidate is applying for a job, and the job has not yet been filled, he or she can mention this and request to be reconsidered.

Explain Why Working There Is Important

The candidate should also reiterate his or her interest in the company or college and explain why working there is important.  

For example, the candidate may express appreciation for the company’s business ethics. It is important to be knowledgeable about the company, so the reader sees that the candidate is serious about the job.

For example, the candidate can mention something he or she learned about the company during the first interview. This will demonstrate that the candidate was attending to details and is serious about the job.

Request A Similar Job?

When asking for reconsideration for a job, the candidate may also suggest a different, but similar job.

For example, they may be willing to take a job with a lower salary or prestige in order to work their way to the job they originally wanted. 

This is an especially good tactic if the candidate is serious about working for a particular company.

At the end of the letter, the candidate should restate the request for reconsideration.

 Some points to remember when drafting a reconsideration letter are:

  • Only write the letter after receiving a rejection letter.
  • The reasons given in the rejection letter should be mentioned
  • The tone should be humble.
  • There should be a good reason for requesting reconsideration. For example, the job became open again or there are extenuating circumstances that became known after the interview.
  • The reasons for requesting reconsideration should be stated clearly.

Here is a sample reconsideration letter for the job of a high school history teacher. It should be a formal business letter and sent by registered mail. The letter should have no grammatical or spelling errors.

Sample Reconsideration Letter For Job

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Proper Person – this may be the head of human resources, the principal or the person who signed the rejection letter.
Address of School
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Reconsideration my application for tenth grade World History teacher

Dear Name of Proper Person:

I applied for the job of World History teacher and was interviewed on DATE. I received notice that the job was given to someone else on DATE.

However, I have since learned that that person has moved out of state, and would like to recommend myself for the position.

Along with my Bachelor’s degree European history and Master’s degree in World Civilizations, I have traveled extensively throughout England, Germany and China.

I have taught history for 10 years at NAME OF SCHOOL in New York, but I am relocating to this city to be near my aged parents. I have enclosed a letter of recommendation from my former principal.

Teaching at Name of School is my first choice, because I appreciate the open and innovative educational approach applied in your school.

I was intrigued during my interview to hear how various teachers join together in multidisciplinary classes. I am also prepared to take up to 10 students on tours of Europe during the summer.

I can be reached at Phone Number or at Email Address if you would like any more information and I would welcome another interview at a time that is convenient for you. I sincerely hope you will reconsider me for the position and look forward to a favorable reply.


Your Signature
Your Printed Name
List on Enclosures: Recommendation letter from former principal

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