Writing a Request Letter for New Computer in Office [Free Sample]

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You can simply submit a request letter to your supervisor if you just need a new computer for yourself because your existing computer is causing you to waste time at work.

The request should focus on the lost time and low productivity from your current computer and not on your personal desire for an upgrade. 

latest technology

You may mention that with the latest technology you can complete tasks on time and with no mistakes. 

An old computer in bad condition and needs a lot of service calls to keep it working is very frustrating and annoying, which alone can cause you to make mistakes.

The Basics

A request letter for new computer can be based on a more formal proposal for a full equipment upgrade but with less detail.

At the beginning of the letter, you should state the purpose of the letter, why a new computer is needed and how it will benefit the company. This may be all your boss needs to read. You can add details in the second paragraph.

Type Of Computer

Since components and add-ons change almost weekly, it’s important to be very clear about the type of computer you need and the applications you require for your work. 

For example, if you need the Windows 10 operating system it will cost extra even if it is already installed on the new computer. 

If you can use a free operating system, like Linux, it’s worth mentioning because this may tip the scales in your favor.

Your Office Working Conditions

First, check the other computers in your office. Are they all from the same company?

There may be a reason for this, so you should ask for a new one from that company. The main reasons are to make upgrading easier and to have lower system support costs.

The contents of the letter may be slightly different if you work for a one-person boss or a large company.

In either case, the letter should have a slightly formal tone. Even if you call your boss by his or her first name at work, a request letter for a new computer should use the formal name.

justify the business expense

Your boss may need to use the letter to justify the business expense, or it may go to a higher authority for approval. In either case, it should have a professional tone and not a casual tone.

Tips for writing any request letter:

  • It should have a polite tone and not sound like a demand
  • It should give the reason for the request
  • It should give specific information or examples if appropriate
  • It should be in a business letter format
  • It should be one page
  • It should demonstrate gratitude

As with all formal communication, be sure to proofread the letter. Unless you are an expert at business letter format and grammar, it’s better to ask someone you trust to edit the letter and maybe catch things you missed or give suggestions to make it even better.

Here is a sample of a request letter for new computer. If you think an email is the best way to send it, put REQUEST FROM YOUR FULL NAME in the subject line.

The following sample is for sending through the post. It’s better to send it by registered mail, to make sure it is received.

Sample Request Letter For New Computer In Office

DATE TO: Full Name of Receiver Name of Business Job Description of the Receiver such as purchasing manager or owner Business Address

FROM: Your full name Name of Business Your job description Address unless it is the same as the company address above

Dear Full Name of Receiver:

This letter is to request a new computer for my work in the office as the one I am using now is outdated. There are many new functions available today that I am not able to use.

Also, the time it takes to access websites and documents is so long that It makes my job much more difficult and wastes time.

I believe I could produce letters and bulletins much faster and with better formatting if I had the latest technology. I think the documents would look more professional and send a better image of the company.

A new computer with new useful applications will make my work easier and quicker, and the results will be much better. For example, video conferencing with my current computer is almost impossible. 

It’s slow and often the sound is unclear. Kindly, approve and arrange for the purchase of a new computer as soon as possible, so I can start being more productive. 

I think NAME OF COMPUTER COMPANY, Model #98765, Windows 10 with an Intel 5 CPU, 10 GB RAM, 2 TB, HD Video Capture would give me what I need.

Additionally, I believe it’s time to upgrade the printer due to its slow printing speed and low printing quality. I think NAME OF PRINTER COMPANY, Model #45634 will work perfectly. Your prompt action in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Signature Your Name Your phone number and email address

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