[Sample] Retirement Appreciation Letter

Learn how to write a retirement appreciation letter. Use our sample retirement appreciation letter as a template for your appreciation letter.

Sample Retirement Appreciation Letter

ABC High School
678 Mustard Street
Columbia, CA, 20003

February 15, 2019

Andrew Woods
313 Mystic View Turn
Columbia, CA, 20004

Dear Andrew,

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff, I want to congratulate you on the next milestone in your remarkable life, your retirement. 

You are an inspiration to us all with your unflagging optimism and team spirit as principal of ABC High School, and we appreciate how you guided us for the past 22 years. 

We will miss seeing your smiling face each morning, but will rest assured that you are enjoying your days at your cabin in the mountains. 

You have earned the undying love and respect of students and teachers alike. We all offer you heart-felt best wishes for a happy retirement.

If you find the time, please keep in touch and visit us once in a while. 


Susan Parker

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