Writing an Employment Offer Letter (Free Sample)

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When an employer wants to offer a position to a candidate, they usually inform the candidate by phone or in person before they send an employment offer letter. 

They have interviewed the candidate and seen his or her resume or other certificates that show they are suitable for the job. 

verbally inform the candidate first?

There are two reasons to verbally inform the candidate first. One reason is to be sure the candidate doesn’t take another job, and the other is to be sure the candidate will accept the job.

An employment offer letter may be sent by an employer, a human resource administrator or a small business owner. Employers will send a different type of employment offer letter depending on the type of job. 

For example, most letters cover the standard categories from production worker to manager, but an executive contract will be different.

Executive Job Offer

An executive job offer letter will be much longer than an entry level letter and include a wide range of things along with salary, retirement and health care benefits such as moving expenses if they need to move from another city, severance packages, stock options, signing bonuses and more.  An executive may have an attorney prepare the paperwork for a new job.

In a letter to a prospective sale representative the position may include telephone sales, outside sales and sales business development.

In this case, the letter includes a base salary and the commission structure plus any bonus potential for exceeding sales goals.

confidentiality agreement

If the company has a confidentiality agreement, it should be included in the employment letter, so the candidate can sign it and return it with a signed copy of the letter.

There are certain things an employer or human resources administrator should consider before offering a job to a candidate:

  • Do all the members of the interview team agree the candidate is good?
  • Is feedback from the candidate’s former job good?
  • Does it appear the candidate will fit with the company culture?
  • Does the candidate have enough experience or training to do the job?
  • Is the candidate willing to learn and grow in the company?
  • Does the candidate have managerial potential?
  • Will the candidate add value to the workplace?

A potential candidate may not have all of the above qualities, but they may still appear to be a good choice. Finally, the human resource person or employer must make a judgment call.

An employment offer letter should contain the following information:

  • The position being offered
  • The salary
  • The starting date
  • Employee benefits
  • Retirement programs
  • Paid vacations and leave policy

Some job offers are negotiable. Candidates for higher level positions are most often the ones who may make a counter salary offer. 

These negotiations should happen in a personal interview, so when the letter is sent, all the points that have been agreed upon are mentioned.

Even the salary for entry-levels job may be negotiable if the candidate is worth it. After the conditions are finalized, the candidate has some time to consider the offer. When they agree, the letter can be sent.

The following letter is a sample for an entry level job. The letter should be sent by certified mail. I should contain a copy of the letter that the candidate can sign and return to the sender as proof that they have accepted the job.

Sample Employment Offer Letter

Russell Wilson
ABC Waste Management
HR Manager
30566 Park Blvd.
Oakland, CA, 94602

April 14, 2022

Name of Candidate
Address of Candidate
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Name of Candidate:

This letter is to formally offer you the job of Director of Waste Management for ABC Waste Management. Your experience and credentials in the field of environmental sustainability will be an asset to our Department of Waste Management.

As we discussed on the phone yesterday, your starting date is May 01, 2022 and salary is $90,000 per year. It is paid on a monthly basis and we offer direct deposit if you request. You’ll report to Ben Simmons at 9:00am.

The position includes full family medical coverage that is provided through our benefit plan and will begin one month after your first working day. 

You may sign-up for dental and optical insurance if you choose. You will become eligible for our retirement plan 90 days after your first working day.

I have enclosed a second copy of this letter for you to sign and return to me if you accept this offer. 

When I receive the signed copy, I will send you an employee handbook and the forms for enrolling in the employee benefit programs. The vacation and leave policies are in the handbook.

We are happy to welcome you to our team.

You can contact me at 555-232-1111 or at wilson@email.com if you have any questions.


Russell Wilson
HR Manager

Signature and Date of Candidate